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  1. Sixth Welsh Invasion 22/23/24th February 2013

    Welsh Invasion
    Above are the planned dates if it goes ahead. Can I have a show of interest if you're going to/ likely attend to give me an idea of numbers.
  2. What do you want?

    Welsh Invasion
    Right there's a call for a sixth Welsh Invasion with perhaps looking for a new bunkhouse. So what do you require from a bunkhouse with regards to rooms etc. Bear in mind in February we need to stay away from mountains because of the weather. I've had a quick look around and have found the...
  3. Sixth Welsh Invasion

    Welsh Invasion
    Is there a call to plan a sixth one for next year? That's the question.
  4. Triumph Tiger 800XC review

    The Triumph Tiger 800XC IS an adventure bike. There is no question. It is more than capable off-road and a complete hoot in twisty back country lanes. It has the smoothest gear box and a totally forgiving engine. Whatever gear you happen to be in, if you decide to overtake the car in front...
  5. Drive sprocket again

    I'm a new Transalp owner - on the whole I like it a lot! One thing I wasn't too happy with was the gearing. It felt like it needed another gear. So I fitted a 16 tooth sprocket and found that much better. I'm not reaching for sixth all the time but bottom is still plenty low enough. Those few...
  6. Honda Transalp 700

    Hi i am very new to motorbikes, so new in fact i have yet to take a test, i did try earlier this year and not had a good expeirence, but i'm keen to have another go in the spring, apart from this time with a different company. I want to get a Honda Transalp 700, what i'm not sure about is some...
  7. First Impressions of my 700 TA v V-Strom

    Well, I've had my TA for a week now and done my commute to London from the Island. These are my first impressions - if I'm wrong in any of this, no doubt I'll be corrected! I came from a V-Strom 650 which I had got when I downsized from a series of BM GSs. I'm very fond of V-Stroms and reckon...
  8. 5 speed 'dero

    I'm looking at getting a 5 speed varadero and I keeping seeing things like 'could do with an extra gear'. What revs do they do at 90-95mph? Is the lack of a sixth gear really a problem? cheers rob
  9. Throttle slack?

    I'm gradually acclimatising myself to a new bike, a 10 plate vara, and just coming up to the 1k mark after having it for a forthnight. Whilst the sixth gear is great for the motorway after only having 5 on my 99 vara, and the bike handles just as well, (or will do once I get the deathwings off...
  10. 8ooGS fuel consumption

    BMW says 3.81 litres per 100k at constant 90kph - that's 74mpg. And 5.21 at constant 120kph, which is just 54mpg. So what's it like at 80mph or even 90mph? Compared with RD04 it appears to be 12% lighter dry and perhaps 13 or 14% lighter fully loaded with fuel etc. And it has a sixth gear and...
  11. I really cant afford this but...

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Hi all. To be honest, i should'nt be thinking about this but I was just wondering if any of you have had, or have heard of any experiences (good or bad) with the 950 ?. I've been lusting over these for some time but I just cant stretch to a 990 at the moment. Looking about though I have seen a...
  12. First tour on vara

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just back last night after a long weekend in Ireland, North and South, touring with a couple of mates. Can highly recommend touring round the Wicklow National Park, bleak and nigh on car free, as per above photo. Then a trip up north to watch the Tandragee 100 road races, sadly cut short...
  13. Honda Transalp 700

    Hi everyone, been lurking in on here for the last couple of Months while trying to decide wether to buy a V-strom 650 or the new Transalp 700 after doing my test at the end of the month. I know both bikes are supposed to be great fun and easy rides, but I have a couple of questions regarding...
  14. Petrol Prices

    No doubt some of you will receive a similar email to this soon but I thought I would do my bit and post it here..... See what you think and pass it on if you agree with it Petrol is hitting 107p a litre in some areas now; soon we will be faced with paying 110p a ltr. Philip Hollsworth...
  15. Nice bike

    Rode a few miles on a Varadero today, stopped to try a couple ofoffroad dark tinted goggles and was forced to ride a Varadero instead. Great engine, loved it, very torquey, and the get up and go in third gear is great. Loved how it cruised at 140/150kmh in sixth, very nice. Good brakes, felt...
  16. The New Africa Twin!

    Don't get excited, as far as I know Honda aren't bringing out a new @ next week or even next year as far as I know. However if they did what would you like it to be like? What would you like to stay the same and what improvements would you like to see on the new model. Perhaps we could collate...