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  1. What size Air Hawk for an XR or DRZ?

    Mechanical Advice
    This might be a daft question to some, but what size Air Hawk is correct for mid sized trail bikes? The reason that I ask is that most that I've seen are based on GS's or Cruisers as a benchmark. Thanks in advance.
  2. good chain splitter for transalp chain

    hi, just got my chain from D.S spare and it need to be sized up. Anyone got a recommendation for a good chaintool, google shows they range for £10 - £50 but im not sure what is a good one as cost sometimes is not a good guide. cheers
  3. Wanted: Dominator front rim, and spokes for front and rear wheels

    For Sale / Wanted
    I need a front wheel rim for a 1990 Dominator. It needs to be a standard sized rim - 21 x 1.85 x 32 hole. I would prefer a rim coloured gold but any colour would be acceptable. it must be in good condition - no evidence of rim rot if it is an OE rim. I already have a standard sized SMpro rim for...
  4. Transalp tank range

    Hi everybody this is my first post,I have just down sized from a gs 1200 to a 700 transalp I was just wondering what sort of tank range will I get,I don't ride fast just tend to keep to 70/74 on the motorway and on country roads no more than about 60 so what do you all think.cheers tony
  5. Fuel Exhausts (again)

    Has anyone fitted one of Fuel's Mini sized silencers to a 650 ? I've looked on their website gallery, but they all seem to be the midi size.
  6. Inner tube dimensions for 140/80-17

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I am going to replace my rear tyre with a new K60 in a few weeks, and I want to replace the inner tube as well while I'm at it. I am guessing I need a 500-550 sized tube, but I can't even find a 550 tube anywhere (which translates to 140). Which tube dimensions do you guys run in the rear...
  7. Who Was That Then ?

    Cracking poster sized pic of an AT fording a river ( somewhere in the former Soviet "Stans") due to a washed-out bridge. Plenty of stickers evident on the screen of the bike but no XRV as far as I can see ??? Is this anyone we know ??
  8. Free: free part worn avon distanzias

    For Sale / Wanted
    sized 90/90/21 ands 120/90/17. removed from a transalp after about 3500miles pm me if you want them before i bin them. collection from colchester Essex
  9. Austerity measures in the Vaderland

    The panzer has been downsized
  10. A bit of a long shot.......

    Does anyone who is local(ish) to me have a chain riveter I could borrow that would do a Fireblade sized chain? Andy.
  11. Vader's favourite cake

    Fantastic, full size stormtrooper cake Life-sized Stormtrooper cake by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes | THEINSPIRATION.COM l THIS IS WH
  12. Fitting a different sized Tyre?

    Africa Twin
    Is there any reason for me not to fit either a 150 70 17 or a 140 80 17 to my AT rather than the standard 140 70 17 and is there physically enough clearance? :thumbup:
  13. Standard sized screen

    Get a lot of wind noise and buffeting with the screen I bought it with, a big flip-up thing. I want a standard (pattern) screen, tried a few places and they want 4 weeks delivery 'cos it has to be made special.. (Tried Busters and M&P etc) Who should I try that will have one? :?: Cheers :D