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  1. ahh Ice Skating - fall with grace

    Bust my ankle (badly), now off the bike for up to 4 months ..... :( I was sooooo looking forward to giving the Vara a service and getting some early trips in. take it easy out there.
  2. strange but true !!

    what with this weather :( went out to check the local ice skating rink-[our vehicle turn around in the street:rolleyes: noticed that were me dogs been pissing that the ice/snow has not refrozze:confused:. got me thinking why? and if so does human piss have the same effect, not thay I`d be seen...
  3. what goes through some peaples minds?

    what goes through some peoples minds? What a pair of d**kheads YouTube - Paignton Ice Skating for Cars
  4. J and Phils Sat winter wonderland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well the meet was advertised with me and J arranging another scenic jaunt and we had 2 takers. Mom was due to come but apparently had been up all night with a twisted sock or something, one day he will use his DRZ:rolleyes::D Dave S gave his seal of approval and so the meet was on. Simple meet...
  5. POP QUIZ!

    OK I'm currently presenting the 2 till 4 afternoon slot at Huntingdon Skating Rink on Radio Fab FM.... Now before I spin 'You ain't seen nothing yet' by Bachman-Turner Overdrive, here's a little poptastic smashquiz for you pop pickers... Here you go, Daddy-O... Fifty groovy tracks in just 6...
  6. Filled my boots

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    My mate Sidge has had a serious back operation and was going insane indoors. I offered to call in on the way home from work with some DVDs on two consecutive nights. The first night I tried to take a direct cross country route using only a printed out map off the internet, got a little lost and...
  7. Thank goodness for defensive riding

    If you don't mind I am going to have a polite little rant I have had quite possibley the most hazardous ride home tonight. It seemed to be almost everyone in a car or truck was out to get me and if that wasn't bad enough the petrol station had enough deseil on the floor to run a 4 by 4 for a...