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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I want to build by myself a central stand for my AT RD07A but I need a technical document of the central stand, sketch with dimensions. Could any of you help me with this? Thanks a lot, Bogdan.
  2. Africa Twin
    Hey lads I've finally located a proper painter here in Hanoi, disassembled the bike, and is ready to get the old girl some new clothes. First I just wanted a completely black bike, but then I saw a white one, and also thought of the harsh sun, so changed to white. Now it's somewhere in...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hey lads, This is a sketch of a dashboard plate I'm fiddling with, meant to clean up the cockpit a little visually, and also allow for a switch for the 2 Vision X Solstice LED light I plan to mount on the tripmaster bracket and stick through the windscreen. I'm working on a smaller...
1-3 of 3 Results