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  1. SKF low friction fork seals?

    Africa Twin
    Anyone used these or know if they are compatible with AT? The don't have the same height as OEM 9 vs 11mm
  2. Africa Twin Bearings....size's... codes???

    Africa Twin
    Hello all I am starting to prep my twin for a trip around South America. I am going to replace all bearings before I go, front & rear wheel bearings, sprocket holder bearing, head stock bearings and suspension linkage bbearings. I have want to replace with SKF bearings but I don't know what...
  3. Few issues yesterday

    Africa Twin
    After taking bike to work for a while i noticed few issues. 1 - suspension shot, its like a pogo stick but maybe that me being used to my last few bikes had trick suspension. 2 - wheel bearings shot. at 60mph the front ones whinned like mad, cure for this was to stay at 70mph for 300km. 3 -...
  4. Rear Wheel Bearing Alternaive - 6203

    Africa Twin
    It was third time now when my AT rear wheel bearing got broken and it's the worst :angry8:: (Made in Switzerland) Fortunately it didn’t do any serious damage to the hubs bearing slot, only minor scratches. Now installed some FAG bearings and in shop they said you can't get any better, so let’s...
  5. Planned maintance xr400

    I'm planning a rear shock rebuild next month to be done by KTECH, so i decided to change all suspension linkage bearings and seal and to fit grease nipples to the bike linkages (for some reason Honda stopped doing it after 1996), also going to change swing arm bearings and seals and fit grease...
  6. Leftover parts from KTM400EXC 04

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Sold my 04 400exc,so i have some spares for sale:- COST NEW 4 REAR BEARINGS SKF 6005 2RSH £22 2 REAR SEALS £4 1 SET DELTA REAR PADS £14 1 FRONT SPROCKET 15T ? 1 REAR SPROCKET 44T ? 1 RACELINE CLUTCH LEVER WITH ADJUSTER £9 1 APICO AIR FILTER (USED ONCE) £9 TOTAL COST £58 + So make me an offer...
  7. Parts for Sale - Remus, Ohlins, White Power, Touratech and Honda

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I have a big bunch of bits for sale. All of this stuff is in Shoreham-by-Sea, near Brighton. Collection preferred, but will sort parcelfarce delivery if need be, let me know! All parts fit a late model RD07, either bought for, or came off my 2002 bike. I've put prices against...
  8. Crankshaft bearing sizes

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anyone in the group dismantled their NX650 sufficiently to be able to tell me what the id and od and width of the 2 crankshaft bearings are? If they are marked with an SKF type number instead of the Honda part number that would be great too. Basically, I'm trying to work out if it would be...
  9. Head bearings

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone give me a specific part number (SKF or the like) of the Head Bearings? Downunder there are very few AT's and as it's daily transport, would like to have the parts before stripping. And if anyone has done it, can you recommend any tools out of the ordinary - and any other tips worth...