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  1. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    I'm Peter and live in sweden. just a 47 years old man with a huge bikeintrest. I just got my dreambike since 20 years. A Africa Twin -97 in pristine condition. and I would just like to show im here and staying around. I have a lot of experience with computers (just over 30 years) and I also been...
  2. Riding
    I decided that this year I should do once again some sort of rider's safety training to refresh knowledge and skills. Searching the net I came across a course aimed at people that often ride with pillion passenger. Has anyone in this forum ever completed such a course and can comment on results...
  3. Transalp
    The Anakee 2s on my XL700 are nearing the end of their life. I've been pleased with them but, having tried the Alp offroad a couple of times I'm reconciled to not doing it any more (too heavy for my skills). As I now have no need for a dual purpose tyre, what are the best road tyres I could use?
  4. Riding
    Don't think this was posted before. Was trawling the old Youtube and came across this. EXTREME AFRICA TWIN 750 XRV OFF ROAD IN CORSICA PART 1 - YouTube Some good riding skills there :thumbright::thumbright:
  5. Chatter
    Can anyone give me a clue please? mechanic says my 04 is running lean on the front plug on one pot, plug is very white. talking about up-jetting the carb? My skills are nill so I will pass the thread on so he can see it. Thanks in advance Ivan
  6. Chatter
    What's the weather (and more importantly the ground) like just now? I'm coming down on Thursday to do the BMW off road skills doo dah and I'm just hoping it's not knee deep in show. While snow is fun it's a bit limiting in what you can actually do off road.
  7. Chatter
    This is ultimate cruelty to parents !! Son no1 informs me he has changed shift so he can go play out with his mountaineering friends !! While I have to work They all have Mountain Leader and Winter Skills tickets Early start so they can summit and get down in daylight doing Crib Goch Nice...
  8. Chatter
    Hi Guys, is there going to be an XRV calendar this year. My Fridge will look bare. So will Johns Bare legs be the last thing we all remember on this years XRV Calendar? DC we need your skills xxxxxx
  9. Riding
    Came across this and found it interesting. Bike Cornering Bible - YouTube
  10. Chatter
    ok, he's a yank... & a cop.... but.... pretty good all the same. Spectacular Motorcycle Riding Skills on MSN Video
  11. Chatter
    The skills of these guys never ceases to amaze me!!:toothy10: Andy.
  12. Transalp
    Guys, i have a vague memory of someone here, using a traffic sign behind the plastic belly pan of the xl650v to toughen it up...can somebody give me some pointers where to find this gentleman? I would love to do just that, but lack the skills necessary to do it myself, so of course i need to...
  13. Riding
    do you guys know of any videos/dvds/books i can use to improve my offroad skills. there is no such thing as an offroad school here, and i would like to scientifically improve my abilities and know why certain techniques work and others dont... R.
  14. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    my MD has said we are welcome to use the consolidation centre again in November, seeing as we left it clean and tidy and didnt burn it down. I will check dates etc and post a suitable date if anyone is interested. Sean:D:D:D:D
  15. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    ok, speaking with Ros at Rykas and there was a suggestion of having a day of teaching some of the newer/less confident riders (+ vader - a lost cause!!!!:D:D) some basic maintanence skills - chain adjustment, oil and filter changes, checking of brakes, light changes etc. maybe a bit of a...
  16. Riding
    Been thinking about getting some proper off road tuition for a while now, as part of my master plan to do Morocco in 2009 and Dakar in 2010 (Yeh I know but gotta start somewhere) and also its kind of sacrilige not to go off road on my @ but a liitle scary at the mo. I have looked around at...
  17. Chatter
    To see who can make when clickety click on your choice and comment if you want.
  18. Africa Twin
  19. Africa Twin
    My apologies if this has been mentioned before - I did a quick search to check. There are some skills that are best passed on, and I was thinking :idea: that instead of us all struggling to fit this, change that, or waiting until we are in some remote place to learn how to replace fuel...
1-19 of 21 Results