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  1. Skipping on a bike

    Anyone fancy this on @? Amazing Motorbike Jump Rope - YouTube
  2. Simon Pavey - Off road skills Extreme Challenge

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I’d booked onto Simon Pavey’s off road skills extreme challenge at knockhill. I actually hadn’t realised it was a competition till the paperwork arrived earlier in the week but putting that to one side my main reason for going was to gain some off road experience on the R1200GS with the...
  3. Conti-Escape rear tyre... %$£T !!

    Africa Twin
    :(, Scrubbed in a set of continental escapes this week... felt ok in the dry, and maybe they're good off-road... BUT, at reasonable speeds, went out in the wet today. REAR LOCKED UP TWICE, OUUUUUHHH!!!!! SKIPPING OUT ON ROUNDABOUTS, all in all felt uncertain. So I'm going BACK to my Bridgestone...
  4. FMX Suspension settings

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone had played around with the suspension on their FMX. The rear suspension is odd with travel at 185mm, its somewhere in the middle of a road and off road shock. When I got the bike the static sag was about 40mm and rider sag about 80. The 40mm static seemed way...
  5. AT or TA

    Africa Twin
    OK ,ive dispensed with the tiger idea and took a 93AT for a spin last sat.A beauty.Had a 1990 for a year and loved it.This one tho,nothing compares to it.It has 60,000miles on the clock and sounds like a new bike.Dont think the pump or reg/rec has been changed since new.Mechanic thinks there the...
  6. The Gap Road

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well then, where do i start? I wanted to lose my offroad cherry on the DRZ and i think its fair to say the cherry is now, erm, consumed. Possibly due to my dual sport tyres I found myself doing better on steep, loose boulders than on anything muddy, grassy or rutted. The first stack was on...
  7. Commute's a Hoot !!!

    As most of you know I live on an island on the Firth of Clyde (Cumbrae) and commute daily to Greenock on the the neighbouring island of Great Britain to sell my soul for the mighty yankee dollar. Three days a week (Monday , Wednesday and Friday) I like to cycle if possible. but today was just...
  8. AT crankcase bearings

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I'm under a major engine rebuild, and i'm a little lost in the crancase bearing choose chapter...... I thought i has ordered the right ones, then the machinist said : - ...they were tight, i had to machine it a little... :confused: Doesn't the haynes manual says that those bearings are...
  9. Trail bike advice

    Mechanical Advice
    New member here and would like to say hello to all on here.I hope to be of some use in the future but right now I need some help. Last summer I crashed my CB1300.At first I was all for giving up then decided I wasnt going to give in.Recently I purchased a 2002 Blackbird in beautiful...
  10. Winter storage

    Dominator / FMX
    Well that's definately it for another season :cry: Left it one ride late and it shows. Here in Norway the highways dept are pdq in salting the roads at the first sign of ice, and I'd ridden the following day when the roads were wet. Talk about a rust attack :evil: So, tonight the pots came...