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  1. a m8 of mine...

    Pickup hits pedestrian in Myrtle Creek, man injured | Local & Regional News | KPIC CBS 4 - News, Weather and Sports - Roseburg, OR This is a m8 of mine who moved to the USA about 12 years ago. His brother is one of my best friends, he's just telephoned me to tell me about it. He's got swelling...
  2. For the 3rd time !!!!

    Hi All, I have been a bit quiet on here since the National which I hope all enjoyed:thumbright: the reason being...................... Just before the National I had an MRI scan, I had been getting real bad headaches again, anyway the results came back a couple of weeks ago which showed a new...
  3. Ireland July 09

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    After some consideration we decided to tour the Southern part of Ireland, basicaly Holyhead, Dublin,Wicklow,Wexford, Cork, Killarney, Limerick, Portloise, Dublin then home. First stop a long named place in Anglesey :D Ferry out of Holyhead After a fun run around Dublin :rolleyes...
  4. Hagon or Wilbers? this is the question

    Africa Twin
    I need only a skull in my hand to solve this hamletic doubt! I would like to replace the original mono on my @ with one of tese two. does anyone of you know their performances? do you know other similar mono? I don't want to spend a fortune for it Thank you ciao :)