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  1. My trip to Skye

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Short notice I know but managed to book a cottage next week from Monday or Tuesday depends on weather near Isle of Skye and wondered if anyone fancies meeting up for a ride with Foz and myself. We should be there till at least Friday. Hope a few can make it Thx
  2. Kyleakin Cafe

    Hi all For any of you coming to Skye and expecting a highland welcome from Mrs RickSkye at Harrys café in Kyleakin, I am sad to say the café has been sold to new owners who, we have just been informed, do not require the services of Mrs RickSkye. Can't expand as this is a polite forum. I have...
  3. Trip to NW Scotland

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hoping somebody can help I am planning my first ride out, longer than a day lol usually I go out and back the same day so looking forward to being out a week or hopefully longer as soon as the weather improves. I am planning to go with Foz1969 and head anywhere near Isle of Skye. Would be...
  4. How old???

    Today see's Africjim enter the realm of "The Soup Spillers":thumbup: Have a great extended weekend celebration on Skye, and may your latest ride be a smooth one :toothy10: Steve T :cool:
  5. Fair Cop

    I have a site hack for working on Skye, it's a Citroen Nemo van, great little thing for grifting along the deserted roads on Skye. Know I shouldn't, but I'm in and out of the van that much that I rarely put my driver's seat belt on, I just stick the passenger seat belt clip into my drivers...
  6. Strange rock on Skye

    Took this last week Old man of Storr, near Portree :thumbup: Normally covered in mist, but not last week :D
  7. Hudders and his biatch hit Portree

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Will the village ever be the same again ? I was heading from Portree going south when I saw little and large heading towards Portree giving it big ones. :thumbright: WTF ??? ---- I thought they were going to be up here on Thursday?? Anyways, gave them a wave, they probably didn't recognize me...
  8. Help, looking for accomodation in the Isle of Skye

    Hi everyone, me and africajim are planning on having a long weekend in November on the Isle of Skye, been looking on the net at hotels, cabins and B&B's, not sure which one, any advice would be grateful :thumbright:
  9. Scotland loop 2 1/2 days - feedback requested

    Got the weekend to my self, thinking of a Scotland loop starting in Ulverston on the Stelvio. Friday lunch time - Lakes roads to Penrith, maybe A6 to Carlisle, up past Lomond to Glencoe (possible stay in Bunkhouse or B&B) -250 miles Saturday - If possible out to Mallaig - used to go there as...
  10. A890 between Garve and Kyle

    Was hammering along this deserted stretch of road early this morning on the way to Skye in my trusty Vectra ;) Turned off before Lochcarron on the top road to Kyle. Road absolutely deserted, think I only saw about three cars since Garve, came across this well laden bike with an ABR sticker on...
  11. Last minute dash for NW Scotland?? Interested

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Scottish Weather looks magic in the coming days, anyone fancy a mad dash North, Friday morning until Monday night? Vaders bash is a couple of days to late for me...!! ;) Aim to get to Skye or thereabouts, bimble around for a couple of days, and then drift back Southwards. Camping seems a...
  12. Great little bike

    Still not done that many miles on my old Transalp, but I've been greatly surprised how good the little bike goes. I didn't expect it to have the turn off speed it has given its got half the bhp I'm used to. I bought the Transalp to use on forestry and single track roads, the places I won't...
  13. Highland Emergency

    Anybody watch this on Channel 5 ?? I've been watching it for a while now, home territory y'know ;) I was chatting to a mountain rescue guy I know, tells me he was talking to a fella in the pub a while back, the guy was asking about climbing the Cuillins. The weather wasn't great and the...
  14. Windy West Coast

    It was windy last week :( Winds gusting up to 125 mph There was a site office blown over on Raasay on tuesday, that's about 4 ton of steel building. Mine was touch and go as well. I'm on the top of a hill overlooking the sea and Harris, told the guys to go home in case she went over...
  15. Haggis run 9th-18th June

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Since we have not been to Scotland for a while we decided to do another Haggis run. Leave Sunday, go up to the Lake district camp there for a night. Than up the westcoast to the isle of Skye. Stay a few days on Skye than on to Ullapool via the coastal rd. Few days Ullapool than home via...
  16. New job on Skye ?

    My boss asked me to price up a new section of work near to where I am working at present. It involves collecting some springs from the hill and collecting onto a main line. This is the source ?? About 1/3 of the way up A nice little waterfall which is uncomfortably close to our proposed...
  17. The Flying ram

    I was thrashing the daylight out of my works van on a single track road Skye yesterday, beautiful day, not another car for miles ;) Went over a hump flat out and came across a sheep in the middle of the road. Not unusual you say, but as I got closer, it was obvious that this woolly fella wasn't...
  18. Eskimos in Skye

    I have been working on Skye since Feb, pass along this road between Uig and Staffin at least twice a day between two of my contracts. When I first started, there were no rock shapes at all, now there are hundreds :confused: Somebody was saying that the Eskimo Inuits used to build these...
  19. I had a visitor today

    Young Aemon of this parish called in to see me on Skye today. I was out in our compound trying to clear my head, heard the throb of an @ heading up the hill. The rider slowed down so i went over to have a natter " It's me Aemon !! " was the cry from within the helmet :D Took him in for a coffe...
  20. West coast choppers

    Not what you think ;) Working in the far North of Skye just now, laying 6 km of water main across a moor, along with other stuff . Easiest way to transport materials was using these fellas :thumbup: Great craic, pilot was one of Vader's lot, but he could fairly handle the machine...