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  1. Transalp shock query.

    Thinking of bidding for a Wilbers shock on the bay. package is in german. Could some learned gent tell me what fahrergewicht 76kg translates to and what does this rating relate to.
  2. Inner tube dimensions for 140/80-17

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I am going to replace my rear tyre with a new K60 in a few weeks, and I want to replace the inner tube as well while I'm at it. I am guessing I need a 500-550 sized tube, but I can't even find a 550 tube anywhere (which translates to 140). Which tube dimensions do you guys run in the rear...
  3. Transport Committee slates bike test

    MPs on the Transport committee have slated the introduction of the new test for bikers fearing the drop in riders taking the test means more will ride illegally. “The introduction of the new European motorcycle test in the UK has not gone smoothly and efficiently, despite a very long...