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  1. Radiator washers

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know where I can buy the washer which goes into the rubber bush which holds the rads on Same kind of washer for sump guard/bash plate. They rest inside the rubber sleeve bush. And what's there proper name
  2. Facet Mounting Sugestion

    Africa Twin
    Can anybody suggest on mounting my Facet pump? I do have the frame mount, but not the rubber sleeve.
  3. Have you slipped on a rubber?

    Africa Twin
    I refer to the rear shock. I was thinking of adding a sleeve made from a cut up rear tube and slipping it :knob:over the shock to protect it from crud 'n stuff. Anyone done this? any comment or better suggestion? Ta!
  4. What kind of security?

    Africa Twin
    Just wondering what lengths you all go to, to protect your bikes. What size and types of chain and locks do you use. Very interested to hear what has been broken into before, what tools were used (cutters and grinders etc...). Some of you may know how I rant about thieves so maybe checking...
  5. What bars do i buy?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all After a recent off in Morocco the bars got bent followed by another off that just so happened to straightened them back,but another couple of offs have got me thinking its time i got some after market bars.The last off bent the bars so much that the rubber sleeve that inserts into the top...
  6. I got a new bike!

    Mechanical Advice
    Yeah really, out of a skip, honest. Ok, it's a push bike, and it's a bit crap, but once I've cleaned it, replaced the chain, a few ball bearings, and a couple of cables I'll have an alloy framed, fully suspended 24 speed MTB. It'll still be a bit crap but it might be fun. So, I know I...
  7. GForce Exhaust

    Dominator / FMX
    Firstly, hello to everyone, Only very recently got into this biking lark and even more recently bought myself a 2001 Dominator and am thoroughly loving it to bits. In fact so much to bits, that bits have started falling off. Well, two bits actually, the exhaust centre pipes. It has (or had) the...
  8. Bikes are like women

    Africa Twin = 43 year old and still good looking. Maybe outshone by younger models but has a few tricks up her sleeve. Can do the business well, lasts the pace, and she's like wearing your favourite slippers...A warm smile! KTM Adventure = 21, slim, young exciting, addictive. Makes you laugh...
  9. Finally sorted - Hydraulic preload adjuster

    Sick of having to remove the side panel, battery and battery tray to then have to use a hammer and drift to adjust the rear preload on the 650 Alp, I thought I'd have a go about fixing the problem myself.... A donor shock (unknown bike) was purchased from the BMF show at Peterborough, the...
  10. Remember

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I can't get my words out today, but I posted this in the Vara forum and then thought we should keep it for posterity. There's been a little bit of bitching recently about different bikes, and what's good and what's not. Have some banter about it sure, but don't forget it's the people that...
  11. wish you had a harley?

    north carolina, deals gap 318 corners in eleven miles! not a good idea on a harley cruiser! check out the dumbarse! look at me on my breand new road king classic wots that funny noise i can hear and why wont my hawg turn in! i really reall wish i woz wearing more than a cap sleeve t shirt...
  12. Honda Dealer Problems

    Africa Twin
    I have been having the most ridiculous time with White Bros. of Darlington. I posted a topic on here ages ago about being unable to start my AT and got lots of responses. The theme of them was that it was likely to be a problem with the choke and plungers. So I took the choke cable off and oiled...