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  1. Cylinder sleeves Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Anybody know do the replacement cylinder sleeves (100.00mm) exist for Dommy and who sells that? Thanx
  2. shock linkage rebuild

    Africa Twin
    hi, I'm looking at rebuilding the rear shock linkage on my RD04 and I see all the rebuild kits for sale at various places but none of them include the sleeves and I need one for the lowest down bearings. Any ideas ? thanks Calum
  3. White Sleeves Front Forks XR 400

    Hi. Would any one have any spare white plastic sleeves that the for gaitors fit on for a xr 400 and the speedo cable plastic black clamp, been watching ebay for a while nothing seems to be coming up.
  4. Sold: Shift Assault Enduro Jacket XL

    For Sale / Wanted
    Shift Assault enduro jacket, I think its a 2010 model but dont quote me ( and really who cares ) Its brand New never worn, Size is XL which equates to 44-46 chest with armour underneath. It has zip off sleeves that fit in the rear pocket. Also a pair of O Neal motorcross trousers they fit...
  5. For Sale: EXO 2 StormRider Gilet (used once).

    For Sale / Wanted
    Selling my heated gilet (no sleeves) Size Large, used once only. I use the gloves and the boot insoles but found that I don't need the jacket, so its just taking up space (and I'd like a set of crash bars) These are showing £179 on the Exo2 web site. StormRider Heated Body Warmer [01-023MC]...
  6. Is it winter already??

    Driving home from work tonight about when I met a council gritter lorry happily spreading salt!! The temp gauge in my car said it was 4 degrees, not what I would call really cold, I still have my shirt sleeves rolled up FFS! This morning driving in to work it showed 3 degrees (no...
  7. Heated gear

    Right. 'tis the season that gets a bit nippy in the mornings, so I want a heated jacket, and it turns out to be quite an ordeal. My wishlist: * Jacket, not vest * Don't care whether the sleeves are heated or not * Heats more than just my gut/kidneys * Lowish power draw - I've only got 280W to...
  8. New EU Legislation

    Don't know if this is already going round . This will effect everyone of you that rides a bike so please sign the petition and if you have time get out on one of the rides on the 25th sept . Not sure if this has already been posted up on here but ive copied from another site for those who...
  9. XR650L/XR600 throttle return?

    After doing the Dave's Mod to my XR650l i think the throttle (twist grip) does'nt return as quick as it did before although I never really paid it much attention before. This is with the engine off. Its quite slow, I remember my old triumph used to snap back shut. I removed the 2 cables again...
  10. For Sale: Coleman Phad X2 tent & free tarp

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale: Coleman Phad X2 Tent, 2 man. I bought this New for the Triumph live gig in September this year. It has only been used the once there and is in like new condition apart from a couple of bent pegs. It was full aired before being packed away. I am including a brand new (not used) Vango...
  11. Sold: Coleman Avior X2 Tent

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Declutering the Garage,something has to go and have a new tarp and bivy:D Used for 2 nights in France so as new really great for traveling light and small. Coleman Avior X2 Tent Ultra compact, stable and lightweight, this 2 person tent will suit the most demanding biker The...
  12. Biking clothes for tall people

    Hi I'm looking for some new motorcycle gear for daily on road use. I'm 6'4" tall and weigh around 13 stone. The harsher members would describe me as skinny, I prefer athletically slim. No matter what you call me I struggle to get clothes to fit. If a Jacket fits in the chest then the arms are...
  13. Piston measurements

    Mechanical Advice
    As I am rebuilding the motor after my crank I am checking the tollerances. All was well up to the piston and sleeves. The Hayes manual gives the piston as 80.97. I have tried everyhing but cant get a better reading on my piston than 80.5. I cannot believe that it could work with that much...
  14. Sold: jacket for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Ventura AX Jacket in Sand/Grey/Black size XL only been worn a few time's so excellen condition. £70 inc post and packing in UK. An amazingly technical jacket, with lots of features and benefits.... It uses three main layers which give it the flexibility to be used all year round in all weathers...
  15. DIY Heated Jacket

    Product Reviews
    I must admit I was a little sceptical at first….mostly about my sewing skills…but after two attempts, I got the element running exactly how I wanted it! I went for a large zig-zag across my back …covering the kidney area, up and down the face of the coat twice each side and two loops up the...
  16. For Sale: Tent For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I bought this tent ,and used it once. It's a excellent tent ,but was to big for my need's Like new £75 Vango Beta 450 Tunnel Tent - 2009 Model Vango Beta tents have replaced the best selling Gamma's as Vango's new leisure tunnel tents. Perfect for 2-season camping these Vango tunnel tents...
  17. AfterMarket parts ? (Websites?)

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any websites to buy aftermarket bits and bobs for the @ ? Like led tails lights and fork sleeves etc ? Cheers Andy:thumbleft:
  18. For Sale: Iconic Africa Twin jacket

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have decided to sell my Africa Twin jacket as it does not fit me anymore :( In the early nineties Honda fielded a mass entry in the Paris Dakar rally on Africa Twins. This was for privateers (if you had the money) and as part of the deal you received a jacket just like this. They...
  19. 2009 Transalp Colours

    Can be found if you delve into this website (go to novita 2009 and click on the grey button below the CBR1000RRRRR picture) In summary black or white/blue with gold wheels, which is certainly the best TA colour for a while. Might even be...
  20. Africa Twin Suspension Servicing

    Africa Twin
    I've been collecting parts for a while now to do a rear suspension rebuild on my RD04 (it's Boboneleg's old one so it has had some proper use before he defected to the orange side). I noticed some play in the rear linkage bearings and it looked like the seals had let in the mud and played...