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  1. A slice of AT anyone?

    I just thought I'd share a picture of the Birthday cake that my young niece made for me!! Very apt :laughing8:
  2. slice of Zebra anyone?

    Just been to pick up my daughters birthday cake and I think they gave me Whealies by mistake :)
  3. Top box seat back

    Bodgers Corner
    Bought a seat back rest from Silvers, and had a proper bodge getting it to fit my Givi E36.. The back pad is too long, so I had to slice 2cm off the bottom(in fact more would've been better, and I might well haul it off and hack it again). Problem is that the foam is inside and the outer...
  4. Fireproof board or similar

    Well the only real cockup of my recent build has come to light and that's the BBQ. I've built it too wide. I built the first one about 15 years ago and I don't remember cutting the blocks on the first course as it was exactly 2 blocks wide. Well either blocks have got about 15mm longer or I did...
  5. cutting through the chain

    Mechanical Advice
    my bike is currently laid up wiating for new wheels and calipers. i need to remove the old chain, but where the bike is there is no power where its parked... is it possible to cut through the chain with a hacksaw to remove it?? usually id whip out the grinder ans slice it off.... but without...
  6. Insurance renewal

    Just had my renweal come through from Bikesure, the premium was as bad as i was expecting it to be at £250, but they have me as having 5 bike, 2 gasgas ec duplicated and 2 xr400's again duplicated. I'm waiting for th enew v5 for my new txt so i know the reg plate to get that put on the policy...
  7. Tools explained

    Unashamedly ripped off from another forum, but entertaining none the less:thumbup: Tools Explained: DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting...
  8. The secret of life,,,,

    Well, what is it you say? Simples says I! Contentment. Being content with your lot is the answer. :D Friday night, finished work for the week, Fiona's here with me in the flat, cozy. I'm sitting having a cup of coffee with a slice of buttered wholemeal toast covered with smoked salmon...
  9. ABS - do you agree with it?

    Mechanical Advice
    Was pondering the idea of ABS on a bike - new to riding I haven't much experience but I know that the instructor that took me for the DAS and Enhanced Riders Scheme was against ABS. The theory being that you shouldn't get yourself into a position to need it..... Now I can see two sides to this...
  10. sore bum?

    Bodgers Corner
    for a loooong time now i've been wanting to do something about the seat on the tralp. I can't sit on it for more than an hour without a certain amount of pain. I've looked at getting a new seat made (400€!) or getting the one I've got re stuffed (300€). Well I at long last found something I...
  11. It's a breakfast Jim, but not as we know it

    Up with the lark this morning, got the Tiger out of the garage and decided to trust to serendipity and ended up in Middleton in Teesdale. I've heard some good reports regarding the 16/18 cafe. Here is what they call a all day breakfast; two rashers of bacon, one egg on toast, one slice black...
  12. Anglo-Italian Transalp owners meet-up 2009

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Anglo-Italian Transalp Meeting 2009. Quality, not quantity! I had seen the original message from Scorpio (Maurizio) waaay back in the wintertime, inviting any xrv’ers who were interested to join with the Italian Transalp owners Summer meeting in the Italian Tyrol. “No way”, I had thought at...
  13. england to croatia

    hi i am planning a trip down to croatia in a month, route planned is dover - callais, belgium, germany, austria grossglockner, slovinia lake bled and then down to dubrovnik. and then drive back up and a quick stop in the black forrest for a slice of gateau :p trip will be done on my 650 alp...
  14. It's Steve C's Birthday today

    Happy birthday sweetie although I don't think your going to be having much fun. I'll save the birthday cake for when your feeling better. Hope your feeling better soon and good luck for today
  15. this is for you sharrie

    Delia's Way Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice-cream drips . The Real Woman's Way Just suck the ice cream out of the bottom of the cone, for God's sake. You are probably lying on the couch with your feet up eating it anyway. Delia's Way To keep...
  16. For the KTM boys who thought they had everything...

    A KTM toaster that burns the KTM logo onto every slice of toast, what more could you ask for??:cool: £29.99 from here
  17. Sunday Tinkering

    Thats what Sundaays are for right? Well, once the Moto GP is finished and if you're not going out for a ride :) Replaced my dead numberplate bulb...what a thoroughly overengineered thing that is! Shouldn't be surprised really what with it being a Honda and everything, but I WAS quite shocked...
  18. to those over thirty remember this life

    Gotta Be Over 30 to Understand the following : Mum used to cut chicken, slice eggs and spread mayo on the same cutting board with the same knife and no bleach, but we didn't get food poisoning. My Mum used to defrost mince-meat on the kitchen sink AND I used to eat a bite raw sometimes, too...
  19. Bought a Distanzia

    After the rear Deathwing became a racing slick after only 3300 miles, I looked at the various alternatives. Recycler spoke encouragingly about good mileage and grip from an Avon Distanzia. My local dealer offered a Distanzia including full fitting (ie taking bike in, not just wheel) for £69.80...