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  1. Tansalp XL600VV forks

    I have damaged the left hand fork slider (bottom at the thread where the spindle screws in). I can get second hand ones from ebay but they are from the single disk model. Now, the single disk model has the disk on the l/h/s, good, I obviously need the mounts for the calliper, but are they the...
  2. Wanted: AT right hand side fork leg slider

    For Sale / Wanted
    AT right hand side fork leg slider (outer tube) Number 17 in the pic. Mine is damaged inside from a worn bushing so if you have something please send PM with details
  3. Why has someone drilled these holes?

    Can anyone in any way shape or form tell me why anyone would drill these four holes in the forks. There are two per slider, at the top. Look through the piccies, you'll see them, I can't work it out. Link corrected...
  4. sd02 forks on a sd01?

    This year i replace the fork stanchions, bushes and seals on my year 2000 sd01, when it came to mot i got an advisory for play in the slider. Does anyone know if the sd02 forks fitstraight on or do I have to fit any other sd02 parts? (caliper brackets etc)
  5. Chain Slider

    Africa Twin
    My AT is either having a leak somewhere (oil filter, front sprocket, whatever) or it simply is washout from all the chain lubricant leftovers in that area. The idea is simple enough: Clean everything, let it rest and see what is dripping. Question is how to remove the chain sliders? Any parts...
  6. Wanted: chain slider

    For Sale / Wanted
    need a chain slider for my a/twin (96) p reg 750 if anyone has one lying arround or were i could purchase one thanks......kev..... also do i need to take the swing arm off to replace the old one..
  7. Wanted: chain slider for RD07

    For Sale / Wanted
    wanted....chain slider for 96/p reg RD07 if anyone has one lyin arround.....thanks kevsky
  8. chain slider

    hi all Can anyone help me find the chain slider...the one on the swing arm i can't seem to find 1.... anyone have any ideas or even a second hand one............cheers model pd04 lmf:thumbleft:
  9. Wanted: Choke plunger

    For Sale / Wanted
    AT RD07 Choke plunger Morning all. Does anybody have a spare choke plunger/slider for an Africa Twin RD07 lying about the place preferably withthe spring. Cheers, Chunko'.
  10. Just wondering.....

    Mechanical Advice
    If anyone has any thoughts on using red brake grease for caliper slider pins, I have always used copper grease in the past but it seems to go all sticky after a while plus I have been told it is not good for the rubber sleeves. Any advice, comments, abuse etc? :icon_smile: Andy.
  11. Phone pictures

    Just pics you taken with your phone. Does not have to be bike related. Just would like to see what quality pics are about. Maybe name the phone as well To start this of here is one I taken on my last night shift A spider web which is covered in frozen fog. Taken with my Samsung S3
  12. Chain sliders

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, How often do you change the upper and lower chain sliders, I cant make my mind up as to wether mine a kanackered or still of use. Whats making me feel as they are done is that the chain as a fair bit of sideways movement. pics of new and kanackered ones would be good so I can compare...
  13. Chain slider

    Dominator / FMX
    Ok determained to get help off someone i thought i'd ask another question maybe someone can help with this one Does the RD08 Domi have the lower chain slider i've circled in red
  14. chain slider

    Africa Twin
    anyone fitted new chain sliders and is it an easy job...the chain sliders on my 96 africa twin are absoloutly shot and need changing pronto..were would i get new ones and how long would the job take me and has anyone got any laid about i could buy off them..thanks kevsky.
  15. Chain Slider Advise

    Africa Twin
    Checking the bike in readyness for TLD and have found my Chain Slider has worn through and the chain is scoring the top of the swinging arm. Looked on David Silver Spares and it's a special order part that I'm not going to get before TLD. :( Anyone got any tips for protecting the swinging arm...
  16. chain slider

    Mechanical Advice
    anyone know were i can get new chain sliders for my (96 p reg africa twin) and are they easy to fit....i live in the durham area...thanks kevsky.
  17. Exhaust restrictors and carb slider question

    Dominator / FMX
    I was reading someones post about their 1988 dommie and he/she mentioned that the '88 dommies had restrictors in the header pipes. What do these consist of, I'd assume something similar to carb restrictors, and most importantly, how do I relieve myself of them? I have removed the airbox to...
  18. Chain slider and rear sprocket

    I have 2004 TA and it seems that chain slider is worn out. Is it possible that this is because my TA has rear sprocket with 43 tooth? Or there is something wrong with rear suspension preload? Chain tension seems to be ok. I have this bike only for two weeks and want to sort this out...
  19. check your chain slider!

    My bike is currently undergoing a overhaul/refit and its in a million pieces right now. Im fitting a 280kit and the bottom end is coming appart too now (can of worms) I found a broken cam chain tensioner, worn cam chain, missing cam chain guide(!?! how? lol) worn kickstart idle gear bushing and...
  20. Transalp chain slider

    Afternoon, Don't know if anyone has had this or can help. I had a rumbling noise, which turned out to be the front sprocket rubbing on the inside of it's cover. The teeth on the retaining plate had ground away. When I took the bike apart to replace this I found the chain had been pulling...