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  1. How do I adjust carb slides xl350r

    HONDA XLX250R or XL350R Ive just pulled my carbs off & both slides nearly lift together Can someone tell me how to adjust them so the r/h slide lifts later thanks
  2. Throttle slides & diaphragms

    Africa Twin
    Cheers, next question is slide diaphragms....noticed an ad on EBay for new ones for the RD04, had to be bonded in etc, I have one badly ripped on my RD07, are they available for RD07 or am I looking at whole new slide with built in diaphragm? £85 plus vat...ouch!
  3. New Domi owner saying hello

    Dominator / FMX
    Hey everyone. I got myself a 1996 Domi for the Winter a couple of weeks ago and am really enjoying it. It's my first big single, my other bike is a Yamaha FZS600 and I've only owned multi cylinder bikes until now. There's something great about the roar it makes when you give it some welly...
  4. Brake line routing with USD forks

    Africa Twin
    I'm trying to work out the best way to route the brake lines with USD forks and hoping those who have fitted USD forks can give some tips and maybe post up some photos. It'll be a twin disc setup. Trawling the internet reveals all sorts of approaches. I've lifted the pic below from...
  5. Ultimate comfort for a 600 Tranny?

    I have a couple of 1100GSs and the seat is the most comfortable I have ever experienced and I can do 250 miles ( a tank full) with no problem. I have a Tony Archer seat which, although an improvement, is not perfect as although the pillion mount is brilliant, the riders seat is a bit cramped. I...
  6. skewiff handlebars

    Africa Twin
    I dropped my bike very slowly in a campsite carpark in northern spain three years ago(it started to go and I didnt have the strength to stop it after 7 hours of riding so, slowly lowered it to the floor) . Ever since then the bars have been a bit skewiff. It is exagerated by the fact that I...
  7. Speedo plastic gear thingy

    Africa Twin
    Hi Folks, I'm in the process of replacing the speedo plastic gear thingy and have hit a bit of a problem. The old isn't in too bad a condition and slides in and out of the housing no problem but the new one slides in so far (I've given it a good greasing) then feels slightly stiff. I'm...
  8. my latest news and info please

    hi all just dropping by to say hi and update my status. ive been having awesome fun simply doing road riding in the local area. just on short half day rides ive put a thousand miles on the clock which for a wobbly person like me is good going... literally days after passing the mot my full/dip...
  9. Where is it now R301DJO 98 AT

    Africa Twin
    I have been sorting out my photos and slides this week, too cold for garage or riding, for me, and came across pictures of my first Africa a 98 reg R301DJO. Wondered if it was in the xrv community still. Sold it in 2006 to a guy from Weybridge (ish) area that occasionally worked at a site I...
  10. Replacement sprocket problem

    Well I've bought a new chain and sprockets for my TA XL700 ( XL700 Transalp ABS 10 VA X-Ring Gold Chain and Sprocket Kit | eBay ) I got down to work before and replaced the rear sprocket without any problem and then moved onto the front sprocket. I removed the old one without any problem and...
  11. uneven rear pad wear and which way round does the pad spring go?

    The rear brake pads on my TA have worn unevenly, and I mean very unevenly. The piston side is nearly worn out, the sliding side is barely worn at all. Pads have done an awful lot miles getting on for 50,000 (the first set did over 50K and still had meat on them when repalced with this set). I...
  12. Back on the road!

    Africa Twin
    Picked up Alfie yesterday:thumbup: He's had a comfortable winter in a mates garage. Also had a very thorough service and a new TüV too! There was an advisory on the TüV relating to the emissions, so Dieter stripped the carbs and discovered the choke slides(?) were jamming. So he fixed them...
  13. I got home

    Welsh Invasion
    First off thanks to Mike for organising and Sharrie for cooking. Another cracking weekend. David's 19th birthday today and we had a table booked for a meal at 2pm so needed to get away early. When I loaded up this morning it was dry and warm and I loaded up without a jacket on. Hope I didn't...
  14. Textile trousers to fit tall, fat b*stard :-)

    Got a pair of Weise trousers, but they don't stay done up and the knee armour slides all over the joint...any ideas for alternatives? I'd like some that aren't black, but I suspect I'm urinating in the wind with that wish...
  15. HELP - New Crankshaft?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hoping some smart mechanically minded people can help. As many will be aware my daughter was brought a Malaguti Grizzly 12 by Santa. We used it for a few miles before it broke down. On inspection it appears the crankshaft has broke. But I need guidance in what to do next. So I'll post a few...
  16. Sold: Ural Red Star 650, Sussex

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    (First off: Lots more pictures at Ural Red Star 650 - 1999 Ural "Red Star" 650cc (Solo - so no sidecar and solo gearing.) Not run for a while. SORN'd, MOT has expired. Needs some work before it will pass (see below) so it will need to picked up with trailer or van. I...
  17. Fork Stripdown

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm stripping a set of SLR forks I bought for spares. I've got all the parts seperated except for the valve assembly in the bottom of the stanchion. There appears to be a tubular insert in the bottom of the leg, it has 4 tabs pointing inwards and holes around the edge. It holds a nylon sealing...
  18. help with broken carb part

    Hi gang. I have an XL250R Of a friend's that I'm doing a bit of work on, and while I have the carbs off, I noticed a broken plastic elbow: My experience is with bigger multis, but I'm thinking this might just be a vent? Should I worry about it? Can I get a replacement easily enough? I've...
  19. AT Chokes, Poor Mileage and a Two Banana Mechanic Oil Change

    Africa Twin
    I finally got around to pulling the tank and airbox off my 2001 AT. My bike only has 16k miles on it and I was pleased to see that it looks pretty good undressed. No surprises other than a some oily residue below the carbs. More under the front carb than the rear one. Air filter is fine...
  20. table

    Bodgers Corner
    after the national i was jealous of rubber chicken and a few others with alloy panniers that could cook standing up using them as a stand/table. my knees and back suffer mucking about on the ground but ive got oem honda plastics on my bike so nothings flat. i have designed a neat table that...