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  1. 2010 700

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi all and thanks for having me here,I hope someone can advise my 700 has a slight hesitation feeling when there’s no load or very little load on the engine between 2000 to just over 3000RPMs it ticks over spot on at about 1200 RPMs, new air filter NGK plugs and caps and there’s no change, and...
  2. Front Wheel Spindle/Axle - Help

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Folks, Would anyone happen to have a spare front wheel spindle they would like to off load? My Dommi one has a slight bend to it. I believe the FX and SLR (and some other honda models) has the same spindle. Thanks Jim
  3. 1979 XL500S - Gear problem?

    Hi; I am new to this group. Having just bought this e find that even with only a slight throttle it will jump out and in again in gear. What is wrong and how to cure this problem? Thanks foe any useful hints.
  4. 1982 xl 400r gasket query

    i have picked up a 400r which has a slight oil leak from the rocker cover. i cant seem to find a gasket. does anyone know if a 500 gasket will be the same
  5. Honda XL/XBR 500s Exhaust Flanges

    Hi all, really struggling to find a set of exhaust flanges and collars for my XL500s, have however found a set for the XBR500, does anybody know if they will fit my XL, don't mind making any slight modifications. Cheers
  6. Twin exhaust options

    Dominator / FMX
    My rd02 needs some, downpipes not a problem sourced them What twin exhaust have people fitted off the shelf or with slight fabricating ? 88 rd02 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. carb clean and needle?

    Dominator / FMX
    :cool:going to clean carbs out when I get chance what needle are people putting in if that's what there called. bike runs fine but from 60-80 it seems to pull back as though there is a slight blockage any help appreciated
  8. Weird knocking on the right footpeg

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads! I've started to notice a slight knocking on the right footpeg when in 4th gear. Maybe 2-4 knocks pr second. It's very weak or non-existant in lower gears. It goes away completely if I pull the clutch very lightly. Anyone knows what this might be? Cheers!
  9. slight movement in handle bars

    Dominator / FMX
    slight movement in handle bars is this normal its as though there moveing slightly when force is put on. on my fx650 comeing from sports bike where there fixed I'm unsure
  10. clutch bearing

    hi guys, im new to the transalp ! :-], so my question is, the clutch bearing and lifter plate on the 650v, are they fitted to any other models ? as my bearing is making a slight clattery noise pulling the lever in !
  11. Slight stumble on pickup

    Dominator / FMX
    I've now had my first short ride on the SLR and enjoyed it very much. It's so much lighter, narrower and more chuckable than the Strom. However, having EFI on my last 2 bikes has spoiled me a little. The SLR has a stumble just coming off idle which is a bit annoying. It feels as though it's a...
  12. Honda Top Plate movement

    I have a 2011 TA700 with original Honda luggage and recently I have found the mounting plate has a slight amount of movement. Is this normal or should I tighten it up with another washer/rubber washer. Thanks Graeme
  13. TA 700 shares footpegs with?

    Hey guys, Been looking for a way to lower my footpegs on the TA 700, searched all over for a while and have stumbled on a few good choices. But what I'm really wondering is, which other models does the TA 700 share footpegs with? It could really widen the ebay search to know which, if any...
  14. Slight oil leak from XL125V Varadero - Where from??

    Hey peoples I've got a very very small oil leak on my Honda XL125V. It will drip about 2/3 small drops per day so its not too bad. It appears to be coming from behind the starter motor but im not 100% sure. I've taken some pictures can anyone help determine where its coming from and also how...
  15. For Sale: Triumph Bonneville and Thruxton seat cowl.

    For Sale / Wanted
  16. Africa gearbox RD07 whine

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone assure me that a slight whine in the gearbox is anything to worry about?? when pulling away in first gear or am i being anal as bike has done 28,000miles on a 2002 . I'm new to the Africa twin and have several other bikes that don't make this noise. Is this a normal noise ????????:color:
  17. Mist of oil arounfd the filler cap.

    Africa Twin
    After a long motorway ride I have sotted a slight mist of oil around the filer cap, not a leak as such just a trace, I am guessing that there should be an O ring fitted in the recess that the filler cap/dipstick screws into. is there meant to be an O ring there?
  18. slight oil leak on xr400

    96 xr 400 has developed a small oil pretty sure its coming from the oil seal around the gear lever, however i was wondering if there is also a seal behind the front sproket.any help would be appreciated.cheers lee.
  19. Steering Head Bearings

    Slight notch in the steering head bearings at the last MOT so taking no chances and changing them. I remember on the TA this was a bitch of a jobt, what's it like for Vara? Any tips? Cheers
  20. T-shirts for those who missed out

    National Meets
    A number of people asked about getting a second run of T-shirts. If there is enough interest and I can keep them down to £10 (inc postage) who be interested and at what size? Cos I actually sold all the ones I had, there is a slight buffer of cash left over towards getting a second set made so...