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  1. Product Reviews
    Heads up regarding Slinky Cables currently being touted by Wemoto. I bought a replacement throttle cable (pull) for my XL600R. It's 50mm too short compared to the standard Honda item which is now out of stock. I don't know if all these cables come up short or even if this is a one off but do...
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi I,m going to replace throttle cables on RD07A have got new Honda ones was thinking about replacing the choke cable while at it . The question is a Honda cable seems very expensive £50 against a Slinky Glide one £15 has anyone any experience of the slinky glide one , is the Honda one really...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hello; Right crash bars in the post, rear shock shipping mid week and I'm very giddy. I'm going to have to take bits and bobs off the bike... so while I'm at it.....:D When I first got the bike the choke was sticking (took it apart cleaned it) and a few months later it repeated it.. so new...
1-3 of 4 Results