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  1. 1972 Honda XL250 Motosport - Kickstarter assembly problem - Need Help! (See Video)

    Hello, I've recently acquired a 1972 Honda XL250 Motosport and am currently restoring the bike. Before breaking the bike down, I noticed when kick starting the bike that it would make a sound (something like a crude click) and almost feel like it 'gave way' or was 'stripping/slipping' (for lack...
  2. transalp 650 slipping clutch?

    hi all, i have xl650 it has 58k km on the clock, i noticed my clutch slipping on high rev, how should i know is it clutch or clutch cable already worn out? clutch leveler has a lot of travel too.. thank you all
  3. 2011 XL700V Transalp and stuttering at low revs

    Hi, I'm the proud owner of a 2011 Honda XL700V Transalp and am still getting used to riding it. One thing that I'm not sure if it's normal or not though is that the bike stutters (like it's about to stall) between 1500 and 2000 revs consistently. This makes commuting in Central London somewhat...
  4. Dyno Results RD03

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, So I got the XRV650 Tested on a Dyno, There was two issues according to the results & also what the Dyno instructor told me. 1: The main jet is running rich. So from 50kph - 120kph it ran ok but from 120kph onwards it gets richer. The Dyno instructor said it will need a new main...
  5. Sliding around the seat with fabric gear :(

    Hi all, As the birthday boy :D Family got together and got me a Dainese D-Explorer jacket :thumb: Having found some pants that fit me (oh, at last) Ive noticed I am slipping all over the shop on my bike seat :( Ive never had fabric gear, always leather so it was never an issue, but really...
  6. JMT Heated Grips

    Product Reviews
    JMT Heated Grips Initially I am very happy with these grips, I've not used them through the full winter yet so I will update this review if I have any problems with them. I don't think I will as they seem quite goot quality and even on setting 1 of 5 are nice and warm. I am still using summer...
  7. For Sale: Pivot Pegz for XLV 650/700

    For Sale / Wanted
    Pivot Pegz for XLV 650/700.(Yr 2000-2008) For when you get sick of slipping and sliding off your OEM pegs. In good nick apart from some superficial scratches on one. (pictured) Pivot Pegz Multiple Testimonials Happy to post from Australia. $160AU + postage Cheers, Graeme
  8. Fried Clutch anybody? experience and solutions?

    Afternoon All, After a years ownership and use I got half way up High Button yesterday and fried my clutch. When I got it back, cleaned and stripped there is a horrible burnt smell, blackened plates and destroyed friction linings ripped up, melted and fused with friction material bits loose in...
  9. Clutch issues - any advice?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I wonder if anyone might have some suggestions? I just recently bought a 2002 RD07a, and it runs well except for one issue. The bike pulls when the clutch is engaged. Eg if I am standing at the lights in first with the clutch lever in, the bike wants to pull forward. I have taken the...
  10. Bodgy clutch fix any advice appreciated!

    Ok so with a mechanic I pulled my slipping clutch apart and found it only had 7 friction plates instead of 8. I got a set of 8 friction plates but here in Belgrade (I'm on the road) no one can supply the smooth plates of which I only have 6 instead of 7. So I now have a clutch with two friction...
  11. Clutch slipping?

    I have noticed a couple of times on my 2001 alp that in top gear at 100-120 that if I give it a big handful the revs spin up before I start getting going. It seems to be fine accelerating hard in lower gears I've only noticed it happening in top gear. Is there anything this could be apart from...
  12. 81 xl185 kick start slipping

    Now I think I know the answer here, but I'll ask, just in case there's a pleasant surprise awaiting... The kick start quite often slips on the xl, luckily it's a good starter. Is it likely to be the shaft or the ratchet gear that's knackered and how much of a job is it to put right? I'm...
  13. Seat needs recovering. your thoughts appreciated

    Africa Twin
    My seat 1997, RD07 is getting very tired and is splitting along the seams. I have a few options, buy a secondhand seat. Probably worn. Get mine recovered. A local upholsterer has offered to do it in vinyl for 'about £60.00' Buy a cover I have seen these on fleabay in leather BLACK & GREY CUSTOM...
  14. Slipping Clutch

    Good afternoon people. Now I have had the bike for a couple of weeks, I am starting to ride it "properly". It appears the clutch starts slipping around 6000rpm when accelerating. I have adjusted the clutch cable so there is about 15mm +/- travel on the end of the lever before there is any...
  15. Biking jeans

    Hi all, In an attempt to make using my new bike on a more regular basis for work, I am considering biking jeans. Hopefully this will just mean slipping on helmet, jacket and gloves and I am away, rather than changing trousers for loathes etc....which can be a phaffff.... Has anyone tried / got...
  16. Have you slipped on a rubber?

    Africa Twin
    I refer to the rear shock. I was thinking of adding a sleeve made from a cut up rear tube and slipping it :knob:over the shock to protect it from crud 'n stuff. Anyone done this? any comment or better suggestion? Ta!
  17. RD03 clutch slip

    Africa Twin
    Taking my RD03 off the road whilst I sort out some of its problems including slipping clutch in top. The bike has probably only done 1000 miles since the clutch plates etc were replaced for the previous owner (have receipts). Have done some of the easy replacements, new motorcycle oil, HD...
  18. How to control front slipping mid corner?

    Just come home for a ride on the TA and coming around the last Left hand corner that I’ve been around hundreds of times before the front wheel hit loose gravel on the road and tried to slip away from me mid corner at 20mph. Thankfully I managed to stay upright by kicking out at the road to bring...
  19. Clutch badly slipping, need some help!!

    Mechanical Advice
    New to all this bike stuff so need a bit of help! I have a Suzuki dr350 (thought I would post here as it would get more views if thats allowed?!) it would seem that the clutch has gone. Changes into first alright, but when the lever is released it doesn’t really go anyway, it tries to move...
  20. Dominator gear lever slipping on shaft...

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, Just got a '89 Dominator from my brother, all seems well apart from riding it home the gear lever started sliding on the shaft. I have taken it off and had a look at it and unfortuantely the spline on the bike is buggered and I cant get the gear lever to grip. I did try and drill a...