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  1. Slippy Dave....

    Any advice you lovely people ?
  2. First off road shakedown...

    Took the Alp for its first off road shakedown today, nothing fell off (including me) so that's a start! :D Just a few local tracks around Calver in the Peaks Wet slippy rocks and mud were the order of the day! Ten points to anyone who can name the tracks!
  3. Slippy

    on the way home the other night (in the pourin rain), stopped at some lights about a mile from home and when i pulled off the back tyre just let go big style... so a bigger hand full of throttle and slid the bike up the road for the hell of it. Next set of lights, touched the brakes and the back...
  4. Slippy slippy

    Just been out for a blast seeing as it's stopped raining - I forgot how much fun spinning up the rear wheel is :lol: :twisted: Even if it did scare me every single time, and was only by a small amount. :lol: The AT isn't the sort I bike I want to drop!