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  1. Africa Twin
    My RD07 is going to need a clutch by the looks of things, Any pointers on what make & cost? Been standing for some time, just serviced with fresh oil & slips under load. Going to strip it out and take it from there....
  2. Chatter
    I mean the wind resistance which pushes against your alloy boxes. We all know about wind resistance but to actually feel it like this is a lesson. I would like my boxes to be windstreamed like those trucks you see with stuff above the cabin to slipstream the truck. I think that fuel use is up...
  3. Africa Twin
    I fitted new plates and springs to my RD03 clutch and it still slips in higher gears when the oil is cold :confused: I've tried various oils but it doesnt seem to make much difference . Has anyone else struck this problem ? Is there a particular oil that might help in this situation? I await...
1-3 of 3 Results