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  1. crack head

    I am change from three .ie wi f i voda phone unlimited so have to make do with smart phone i feel like a crack head trying to make do with panadol to get a buzz it is torturing me chat with you all in a few days ride safe my friends
  2. Smart flexible garage

    Die Motorradgarage - Technische Daten Smart thinking. /K
  3. Boredom

    Dominator / FMX
    I got bored today and as the sun was shining , I painted this.:rolleyes: Sorry about the crappy picture from my non-smart phone , but after 30 minutes baking in the oven , it looks good enough to eat........................................ (With chips and gravy):thumbup...
  4. Honda survey

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Honda has lauched a survey about the Crosstourer. It only takes a few minutes. VFR 1200 X - En
  5. Crosstourer questionnaire

    Honda have launched a questionnaire about the Crosstourer. I've cross-posted in here because it asks about what might be improved to make it more attractive to those who don't want to buy one currently. Might be worth completing (took me just a few minutes). You never know, maybe a new model in...
  6. Clutch question

    Africa Twin
    Hello Everyone Could any of you smart folk tell me if the @ clutch assy is used in any other Honda v-twins? Thanks Steve.(the rider of the only XRV750P in the uk??)
  7. Black A/T

    Around 9am this morning London bound on the M20 passing Maidstone Black A/T with aluminium Panniers, looking very smart. Was it someone local ? :thumbup:
  8. smartning up plastic bits, fork guards etc

    Any hints on cleaning-up white plastics, tail piece & fork guards? Years ago used a jif type product on window frames then a great smelling liquid to buff. All ideas welcome.
  9. Smart paint job

    I came across these images on the 'tinterweb recently. I know nothing about the bikes but think the RWB paint job really adds to the look of the TA, why Mr Honda didn't do one like this I don't know.
  10. Smart Fuses!

    Africa Twin
    Anyone ever used these... Smart Fuses.... They sound like a good idea...
  11. Getting smart with "New Posts" search

    This new software has some great features, you'll all know about the New Posts link up there, which has the URL of But what if you don't want to search through the Transalp area? Then you just add &exclude=35 to the end so...
  12. HELP! Dressing smart on a bike....

    Ok guy's and gal's advice needed. I'm heading to a christening this w'end, mode of transport ain't the problem - that's decided! I'm after recommendations/opinions on what's best, don't relish doing a less than superman like change out of bike gear, then trying to pack gear on the bike...