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  1. Chatter
    great video its pretty old but still very relevant I am sure we can all learn something from it enjoy :thumbup:
  2. Accessories
    I have let my Navman PIN 100 PDA go completely flat and it's asking for the application CD to be install so I can turn on the GPS, only thing is I've lost the CD:rolleyes:. I use it for Memory map, does anybody know of a way I can turn the GPS on without installing SmartST application CD, long...
  3. Africa Twin
    ...... or indeed the almost lack of........ My front brake is rubbish. Stood still I get a 'bump' in the lever as it forces the piston in the master cylinder over a wear lip by the feel of it and the rear has about 1.5 - 2mm of 'rock' at the sliding pins, though abmittedly, its prolly the...
1-3 of 3 Results