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  1. Smiley overhaul

    Can we?....Please:) We really need a fishing rod, for instance.....:hitler: Is there an 'deranged tosser'smiley (shall I send in my passport picture?....or have GSers already got one) :-D And a 'peace and love' smiley..... And the 'roll eyes' and 'confused ' could be a lot better...
  2. kikthebitch

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    have honda will travel imported 350xl aprox 1983 owned 7years this site seems to have lots of smiley faces,icons,passwords i just wanna chat with people with bikes can u help
  3. Moon Rally

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anybody up for this, this weekend i'm planning to turn up on saturday and camping sat night for lots of Moon Rally 2009 - MaximumBikes
  4. A fine spring day

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well The Gap was open and it was time for a J&P ride out taking in scenic view from various vantage points. J and Dave S met me from work at 0900 and we plodded off to Methyr, via some green lane beyond Treharris. Dropped into Merthyr and the guys were waiting, and it was the first time I had...
  5. Noticed how quite it is . . .

    . . . without the frequent visits from all those former Honda owners who have now gone ORANGE and / or BLUE. Now, where is that smiley for tumble weed?:toothy7: Couldn't find it so this one will do :D
  6. Major catastrophe

    Just been to get a beer from my drinks fridge and it's bloody empty! Where's the tears smiley?:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:Found it
  7. Aprilia RXV

    Other Bikes
    Anyone seen this months TBuM? A review of the Aprilia RXV (as you may have guessed :roll: ) In a box at the end of the piece is "...the company are looking to take the bike into the rally-raid scene" Mentioned are a fairing, an oil cooler and a 30 litre fuel tank "amongst other 'desert'...
  8. Look what's in my garage!

    Africa Twin
    Look what's in my garage!