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  1. Honda FMX 650 smokes when very hot

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi to all, I am currently facing an issue with my FMX. While it does not smoke not at all (at least not visibly) when it warms up (very hot) it starts to smokes (mainly from the right exhaust). This however does not happen every time that the motor warms up, so the occurrence is irregular. I...
  2. Reuild or road trip?

    Hi, I bought an '87 TA about a month and a half ago. I have been very happy with it, and bought it as a replacement for my Suzuki GS500E that I had grown out of. I bought this bike because I wanted to do a road trip around Europe, around 2000km, and I felt I wouldn't really be comfortable on the...
  3. For Sale: NX650 Dominator 1990

    For Sale / Wanted
    My 1990 Dominator is for sale. It has 12 months MOT and I am looking for £450 for it. I bought the bike in 2009 as a hack bike to get me around locally without worrying where to park it as it was very "cosmetically challenged". It shows on the V5C as being blue but at some time in its past it...
  4. Hello from happy new owner! :)

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I've owned my 98 rd07a for about 4 months now and it's the first bike i've not wanted to part with. It's amazing!!! You just think your way down the road and voila! So stable it's like surfing a 10ft Malibu!! I've had all kinds of bikes (all smaller) and have always planned on some big...
  5. Help needed!!

    Dominator / FMX
    Suspected piston rings onway out!! Wen i come off the throtle wen slowing down the bike smokes an is buring oil. I was wondering if ther was a seal what mite of gone whats letting oil into the cilinder because it still has good cimpresion. Any infomation would be a great help
  6. Problems with my RD07a- Tried everything, about to give up..Black smoke, smells fuel

    Africa Twin
    Hi all! My first post on this forum, been lurking about for awhile though. My name is Magnus and Im from Sweden. My english might be hard to understand sometimes, but i will do my best! :p So, here it goes! Bought my dreambike last october. A 2000 Africa twin, red, blue and white. 350000 km...
  7. Question about fueling

    Dominator / FMX
    I have finally got my fmx on the road. I think its running abit ritch. When im in top gear or just drivin speed limt if i give it any throttle it splutters an dosent want to rev but if i drop a gear and then give it throtle it will pull then and if i let off the revs wile still in gear it smokes...
  8. Running rough, no idle, black smoke!

    Africa Twin
    Hello! I recently bought a rd04 that has started to run really rough! It has no idle, smokes a lot. It's running way rich but I can't figure out why.. I've checked the carbs, spark, choke but i can't find anything wrong! Any tips? Sun is shining and I got no bike in working order! Hehe :)
  9. Six day rebuild.

    Dominator / FMX
    How do, as I said in my first post I promised a rebuild thread, here it is :thumb: So a bit of background which will explain a couple of things, I've ridden a Honda CBF500 for about 6 years, its a great bike just a bit dull, I love trail bikes and for years I've had a passing interest in the...
  10. Aaarghh, what's going on?

    Africa Twin
    Bike has been running fine, and then the other day I mess with some fork extenders, and pushes the cables a bit to get access. Day after I was going on a trip, and I find that she barely starts, and is running so rough, that if I don't keep 1/4 of throttle, the engine dies. Felt a bit like when...
  11. New guy looking for a XR400

    I am completely new to XR's what should i look out for when looking to buy cheers
  12. Alp side Panniers - Useless or usefull ?

    Bit of an odd question, but I have side panniers for my 600 Alp, they are old Ammo Boxes :confused1: They look so cool, but are heavy. As I find my Alp slightly front light, I am thinking is it wise to add more weight to the back? Given they don't lock, perhaps I am better off with a roll-bag on...
  13. CR500 Excessive Smoke

    CRF - New Forum!
    I have just replaced the engine in my CR500R after destroying cases and box on the old engine. The engine I bought second hand and has had a recent rebuild that included seals and bearings. It smokes like there is no tomorrow even after warming her up. So I'm thinking that a crank case seal...
  14. lots of smoke

    Other Honda
    Hi hoping someone on here can help. I have a honda 125 which as been rebored new piston etc and new valve seals but it still smokes like a factory chimney. I did a test with a cylinder leak detector and I believe no leakage on the valves or through the rings. As anyone else had this type of...
  15. Southampton to Lands End

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, My better half suggested I go to Lands End ! So I thought why not. I left Southampton at 11.30am M27, A31, A35, M5 and A30 All went well for the first 30ish miles but then the derrier started going numb, had to stop at 50 and stand straight for a while. Cup of coffee and a smoke and of...
  16. advice wanted on 1988 xr250r-j

    hi first post on this site. ive just brought this xr250 knowing it needed work. ive been told its had lots of work done, new crank, oil pump gears, clutch, but the problem is it smokes a lot,i have striped the head and barrel and have found the center cam journal badly worn oil starvation at...
  17. Cheap and quick repair.

    Dominator / FMX
    The fairing on my newly acquired Domi was cracked due to an altercation the previous owner had with a garage wall. I wanted to tidy it up without spending a lot of money on matching paint and stuff so I decided to do a repair and paint it to match the existing black logos that are on the tank...
  18. Gone, but not forgotten!

    Whilst moving home and staying at my inlaws the garage was broken into on the evening of the England game last week (ENG Vs GER) and both my XR's were stolen:( Even heard something during the night and saw a jeep style car over the road (keeping watch on the front) looking a bit suspicious. I...
  19. New old Dommie

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, Just got a cheap 1990 Dommie in bits for a project. Its smoking badly, but runs smooth enough, (My KTM 2 stroke smokes less). Will be in need of advice once I find time to check the compression on the engine. Probably rings and valve seals need doing at least. Great forum by the way.
  20. top end overhaul

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello chaps first of all id like to say hi as im new on this forum and also new to the dommi im picking up a 96 dommi this weekend that likes to smoke somewhat . apparently when you start it it smokes heavily but the clears after a few seconds to a slight smoke. im think this is probably...