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  1. XR400 Conks out

    Hi guys, a quick one. I've been trying to resolve my XRs fueling problem for a while now. It's main issue is that it conks out. If I rev it and let the throttle snap back, it tends to simply die. Whereas if I gently roll off, it stays running. I'm running #168 main and #62 pilot jets, clip...
  2. Front disc removal

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Can any one confirm the following for me please: Honda NX 650 front disc, what are the nut sizes? I think 14mm but the spanner seems a bit lose so want to double check. I have only tried one of the nuts and it already feels like its going to round off. I also tried to loosen the...
  3. Snapped and detached nipples

    The nipple ends of these blighters often snap off. There might be a source of replacement spigot / nipple mouldings ... missus. Anyone able to supply similarly precise dimensions of a detached 'Long One' (Steady now, Alias) ? Thank You !
  4. Okay,looks like they are here to stay....

    the Icegiants,that is looking at the weather forcast this cold snap seems to last a bit longer and is a bit colder All you guys and girls which still ride at this time of the year Ride Safe
  5. torque wrench recommendations

    i need to replace my old torque wrench so can anyone recommend a mid priced, 3/8 drive suitable for motorbikes bearing in mind it will only be used occasionally and for the usual routine stuff. my old one came from machine mart and served me well so it doesnt have to be a snap-on or anything...
  6. Throttle cable connections on carb

    Dominator / FMX
    Please can someone remind me how the cables fit into the pulleys? Just spent a very frustrating 30 mins with them connected but no snap back action at handle bar end. Really grateful as ever for any guidance. Thank you
  7. What a fecking idiot...

    Found this over on the ABR forum and its too good not to share. I know its a car forum but none of us likes thieves. Quality thread Snap On van broken into and stripped!!!!!! - Mitsubishi Lancer Register Forum
  8. Snap-on multimeters

    Discounts / Deals
    EEDM504D, Auto-ranging Digital Multimeter These are £200+ on the website, dealers promotion at the moment £99
  9. Sidepanel lug fix

    Bodgers Corner
    These lugs snap so easily and have one missing on the TA and thought I would try and get someting done to help keeping it in place. Heres the one that needed looking at And this is where it flaps about loose Small bolt looks like it will fit Used a Urethane adehesive given to me by a mate...
  10. Torquing bolts

    Put the brake calipers on yesterday after mounting wheel and managed to snap 2 bolts. Im known as a right heavy handed biff but I was using a torque wrench set at 30NM. Do they get weak over years? Or was it because they had copper slip on that they just kept tightening ?? Luckily I managed to...
  11. Cold snap pictures

    Just in case someone thought I was exagerating when saying it is cold out on the motorcycle... The water freezing in the pipes expanded into these perculiar icicles. gideonbot's Album: "Bike-cicles"
  12. Indicators "slow" when it is really cold.

    Africa Twin
    My indicators during the cold snap at the start of this week were a bit "slow" for the first ten minutes or so. It would not go all all, then a bit, then not at all, then working fine. Erratic behaviour! Does this point to something else? It only happens when it is really very cold.
  13. XRV650 RD03 Luggage Rack Problem!!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi Everyone, i was trying to remove my luggage rack on my bike yesterday but i managed to snap 3 out of 4 studs that hold it in place. Does anyone know a way to repair these? It looks like they are moulded as part of the rack. If not does anyone have a spare one kicking around?
  14. These guys look happy enough with the cold snap.

    Edinburgh Zoo Penguin Cam :teeth:
  15. Why do Drive chains snap???

    Africa Twin
    Decided to pop out for a short bimble seeing as the frost has lifted and its over 10 degrees C - spotted a track running up into a forest - thought to myself "need to check that the newly fitted top box mounting plate is secure enough to take some light off roading", so off I ride. About 1 mile...
  16. Snap On Tools for sale

    Dominator / FMX