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    Lots of things have changed for me, no longer snapping for a living and far from being happy so "Snaphappy" just doesn't fit any more. Can one of the mods do the necessary and change my profile name to Nickel Arse thanks, Nick
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    Reposted here for good measure. Snaphappy tribute - YouTube
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    Under New Posts there is one for the Dambuster thread timed at 6.54pm from Snaphappy but when I open the thread and go to the end there is nothing new there wassup????
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    Happy Birthday Nick - have a great one
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    Having just been to visit 'Moon' down in deepest France, it made me wonder how many other XRVers are lurking in odd bits of Europe. Just discovered Cookie is also in my bit of the world, and Snaphappy is oop north of me too... Thoughts anyone?
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    I know I said it once already on Facebook, but you can't have too many birthday wishes.:cool:
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    Have a Great day Nick.:occasion4: :occasion4: :occasion1: :occasion1: :occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion9: :occasion7: :occasion7:
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    Happy 43rd birthday you don't look a day over 42 !!!!!:p:p:p
1-8 of 10 Results