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snapped clutch cable

  1. Clutch cable snap warning.

    Just a note of advise as I was very very lucky. Got a 2009 XL 700 transalp, 20 k miles on it. Always well maintained. Out for a ride to Chester on Saturday (with the missus) 100 mile round trip, when in slow traffic, I felt a slight 'click, when I used the clutch. About 5 mins later, I felt the...
  2. 1997 xr600r kickshaft on a 1988 - possible?

    I have a chance to buy a resonable condition 1997 kickshaft assembly (even comes with idler gear) but I need it to fit my twisted 1988 engine. Does anyone on here know if it will fit, either as a complete assembly or stripped just to replace the shaft? the part no.s for the shaft are the same on...
  3. Chain and sprockets in Mexico

    Africa Twin
    Hi I'm in Mexico with a 1998 AT (54000 miles) that I've ridden here from Argentina. I need a new chain and sprockets and of course AT parts are a bit thin on the ground in the Americas... The question is, can you tell me which bikes use the same chain-set as the AT (preferably ones that were...