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  1. XR400 Exhaust Diffuser/baffle tube and Duct/Snorkel for airbox

    I'm trying to return my XR400 to standard specs. As it seems that many XR owners remove these items, I'm hoping that someone has a diffuser and snorkel for sale! If you do, please send me a message. Thanks.
  2. Wanted: NX650 Airbox Snorkel

    For Sale / Wanted
    The part number and description are 17253-MAN-600 TUBE,AIR CLEANER CONNECTING Mines got old, hard, and has a crack now. Cant seem to find any online.
  3. 400 RT rejet

    Hey guys Had my xr a while now, and previously had a bit of a mare with its well documented issues. Upon rejetting based on no snorkel and a uni filter, and some help from a member on here, I fitted 178/68. It still leaked when on its side, and still a sod to start etc. Reading that this...
  4. 1999 SLR 650 a few questions

    Dominator / FMX
    A few possibly stupid questions but please bear with me as this bike is new to me and am just getting to know my way round it In connection with tuning for more power Is this the snorkel that has to be removed from airbox, it appears to go into the oil canister thingy & if removed does the...
  5. 280 big bore jetting

    I am fitting the 280 kit on my 2004 xr250l I am running standard air box, snorkel removed, k&n filter. 250 r larger header pipes to FMF Q4 pipe Mikuni 88cv carb and 1000ft above sea level Any ideas on where to start on jetting the carb Thanks
  6. Highest top speed you've seen on your SLR/FX

    Dominator / FMX
    On the bike with the snorkel out, 15t front sprocket, baffles removed and 175 main jet I saw 103MPH on the speedo yesterday. Yes I know that indicated doesn't mean actual but it'll do for me. The engine was turning just over 6000RPM, it wouldn't rev out in 5th. I was tucked in as tight as...
  7. Get your Snorkel Out!

    Dominator / FMX
    I've posted on here many times about the transformation that can be wrought on an FX650 by removing the baffle tubes from the standard silencers and going up to a 15t front sprocket and 175 main jet. I've always eschewed intake modifications because of a long and painful history of Honda bikes...
  8. OEM Airbox refit

    Africa Twin
    My AT didn't come with the stock one, K&N's on top of the carbs, which run fine in cold weather but break the temperature needle on the red after 20 minutes idling in warm weather... Got this snorkel from EBay last week for 1 pound 40 p, with the carb rubbers in tip-top shape: Hamart sold...
  9. XR400 Uni Filter over standard - jetting size increase

    Hi Having done a lot of research on this and the Thumper site, I've ordered a Uni Filter. My bike currently runs like a dream (have had starting issues but learned on here the right procedure, so should be ok now ((especially tick over adjustment tip)) ). Question if anyone can help, I've got...
  10. Undersea discovery

    Snorkel swimming at Rdum il-Qawwi, Malta, on 19/8/2014. In about 20 feet depth of clear mediterranean sea, saw this recently dumped fridge ... Well away from the rocky shore, it must have been dropped there by a boat. EffineffininSavages !
  11. 87’ XL 600V TransAlp - Carburettors and Jets

    Hola!… I’m riding an 87’ XL 600V TransAlp in good condition, compression (same as new) , carburettors original (32mm Mikuni’s, I believe), I’m running an original Honda paper filter and Laser ProDuro exhaust. These only things I can think of that might effect answers to this post. I live in...
  12. XR400 harx to start

    Hi all, just moved from track bikes to trail bikes and having trouble (lots of initially, when hot especially) starting my XR400. I can imagine your all thinking "rooky kick starter"and may he your right but. This bike has only done 10,000km on a 'T'plate and hadn't turned a wheel in 9 years, it...
  13. xl 600lm jetting

    Hi all looking for a bit of advice on jetting my xl , so first off its had a predator competition use silencer fitted the air box snorkel is still in place along with the wire mesh and foam air filter, i removed the jets and they were #115 mains and #48 pilot , I really noticed the heat after...
  14. Who Knows About the XLR125?

    I got me one of these: Now I wasnt expecting much but there really isnt much power at all! Bizarrely there is a bit of torque and it will "torque" its way up a reasonably steep hill off-road in 2nd but there just doesnt seem to be any midrange, and you have to rev the nads off it in a...
  15. This sucks!

    Africa Twin
    No airbox or snorkel in the @ when I got it, tightened the carb intakes, took the bloody Scottoiler off and plugged the vacuum hole (OEM Honda bolt - nearly 2 squids! ;) ) K & N clones front and back bolted into the carbs, pink filter thing where the airbox inlet once was... Bike still sucks...
  16. Africa Twin RD04 Fuel Tank: Can you identify this fuel tank (OEM or Aftermarket)

    Africa Twin
    XRV Members: I've scanned the AT forums and Internet sites for an application of the bolt mounts on my AT's fuel tank. They appear to be uncommon and I would like to learn if this is a stock fuel tank or an after-market fuel tank. I don't think the mounts are for a map pocket or panel. Could the...
  17. Xr250r what jets you using?

    Hi just wondering if there is a common jet size people are using when they've done the free mods? I've just removed the snorkel and have a vw beetle tail pipe in and pea shooter baffle out . My main jet is 132 also it's got the standard Honda foam air filter is it better to get a twin air type...
  18. Snorkel

    Africa Twin
    I have discovered that the snorkel on my new purchase xrv650 has had a repair in the past around the underside where one of the carburettor hoses attaches. Seems to have been repaired with grey siicon. Wondering if I should repair the repair or source replacement part?? Any idea? Thanks. Davey;)
  19. 1993 XR help needed

    Hi all, Just recently bought a 1993 XR600. Am having problems with the carburation, basically it won't rev out with the airbox connected. I've tried taking the snorkel out and it got a little better, but it will rev if I take the boot connector between carb and airbox off the carb. Have also...
  20. Hard to find plastic or rubber parts for your bike?

    Mechanical Advice
    Came across these guys while researching a project for work. Rapid Prototyping & Rapid Tooling | 3D Printing Complex Plastic & Metal Parts - CRDM Amongst other things they can manufacture one off / small runs of custom parts in automotive grade plastics and rubber. They can also take 3D scans...