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  1. Calling all Norwegians

    I'm riding up from Oslo on the sixth of june. Aiming north, through Dokka, Vassbakken, heading south again on the Rv55 towards the west and Lothe, and finally ending up in Stavanger on saturday evening Route: Göteborg till Göteborg - Google Maps But I have heard a rumor that the roads over...
  2. It's snowing again

    First torrential rain and now snow Oh dear..
  3. It's Snowing!!!!!!!

    And down it comes, as promised by the forcasters :rolleyes: Get it out of the way now I say, before Galloway :-D Steve T :cool:
  4. It's snowing

    Again. Will it ever end?
  5. It's snowing again !

    Right enough is enough, it's bloody snowing again in Wing ! ATgreg how easy is it to get in Aus, I have a million in debt, redundant mortgage adviser, two wifes and four kids, and fed up with life, what are the chances of getting in, social security, council house ? I don't mind, just looking...
  6. Snowing here

    Just started snowing in Surrey Dogs are outside going berserk, chasing snowflakes!!!!!!!! :toothy8:
  7. Snowing again

    Guess I won't be taking my bike to work tomorrow,,, And we had such a lovely warm morning, and this is how it ended,,,

    Just getting ready for work and it is completely white outside. So if you are going out BE VERY CAREFUL, and wrap up warm.
  9. It's snowing

    In sunny Devon. Do you think we'll we be able to see a snowbow? -Simon
  10. It's Snowing

    Just on my way into swansea when it starts to snow, ridden in all sorts of weathers but never snow before 8) Great ride although I do wish I had bought some heated grips on pay day. Now sat in the house with a hot cup of tea defrosting. If your on the bike today take it easy its very cold...