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  1. Africa Twins on forest roads

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Two Africa Twins was riding on this Sunday. There was good and bad roads. Anyway we filmed on the good section and got one good shot: LINK I'm the first one and the camera we used are cheap Canon digi soap box (PowerShot A460) My baby got little crack on the fairing :( and I just got more...
  2. idiot of the year award

    Hey folks, I am nominating myself for idiot of the year award. If you remember a few weeks back I got a flat, and had to change the inner tube and had lots of issue getting it to seat correctly. Any way finally got it all set, and things seemed okay except the tyre seemed a little off balance. I...
  3. Two days to Horizon's meeting adventure

    So there was i all prepared for the Horizons meet last Thursday. My girlfriend was not feeling well, so i told her to take it easy and we would leave tomorrow (Friday) On Friday we set off, we got as far junction 10 of the M11, i got a rear puncture(Puncture number 1). For those of you that...
  4. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    Africa Twin
    Okay, i thought i would change the rear tyre myself. not to save any money cos it was same price with or without fitting. I wanted to do it because i may need to do it one day at the side of the road in some far of distant foriegn land, and i wanted to practice. I have watched demo's of this...
  5. TKC80's arrived.. Gonna have a crack at fitting tonight..

    Have some tyre levers, not got any tyre soap, was gonna use normal soap, or swarfega (which has also been recommended as a salt-free, water soluble lube). Anything else I need? Any advice? A tyre changing virgin, hope to lose my cherry tonight...
  6. defintive tyre lever list

    OK, so if I wanted to put together a kit for changing tyres/mending punctures, what would people recommend went into it? Basically I don't want to be stuck up a foreign mountain trying to call a breakdown service in a language I can't speak. Neither do I want to wait three hours for the AA when...
  7. Tyres and Compressors

    OK feller's I've ordered a pair of tyres (TKC's!!) and I'm going to fit them myself, oh yes - I am. I've got levers, I've got tyres (well, soon) what else do I need? Where do you buy tyre soap? Can I justify a compressor? What sort of compressor should I get...2hp 25 litre or bigger, faster...
  8. Polishing Aluminium

    Africa Twin
    I was trying to clean my sumpgaurd the other night with some very fine steelwool and WD40 and it is better than it was. Anybody have expierence polishing Alu? Where can I buy the polishing soap bars and some wheels to fit on a 4" grinder? It's either that or getting it anodised or coated black.