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  1. SOAPY Brake line BLEEDER

    Spotted on't'interweb ... “So, around your house you’ve probably got those handy liquid soap dispensers, the ones with the little push pump on the top. Well don’t throw them away when finished because that pump is absolutely perfect to bleed brakes with. Simply attach a tube to the bleed nipple...
  2. My trip is going up in (exhaust) smoke!

    Africa Twin
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some help please with my XRV750 Africa Twin (1995 RD07). I've noticed recently that it's putting out smoke when revved on startup. It's not visible at idle, and it goes away when the engine heats after a couple of minutes. (See pic). It seems worse in colder...
  3. You have been warned.

    Greetings chaps. I have just spent four days cleaning my sons tank of 30 yrs of gunge to get it ready for him for summer. After being satisfied that the tank was ok I thought I would rinse it out to get it ready for the tank sealant that I am going to give my own projects tank. When I was...
  4. Road salt!

    Africa Twin
    Double-edged sword, I guess? I ride all year round and in winter I'm OK with seeing the gritters out and about - they mostly make the road more grippy and less slippy :cool: MOT up next week and, although I need to back the brakes off with a bleed and maybe some new seals than I reckon I'm...
  5. Leaky wheel

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    A mate popped over last night.. He'd had a new tyre fitted to his Sprint ST a day or so back at his main dealer and it had deflated overnight. He blew it up but it was still loosing air somewhere but he couldn't find from where. Well he popped back to the dealer and they pulled the tryre off...
  6. Touratech Ziga

    Hi there, I have a set of touratech Ziga boxes, I got them with the @ ive just bought and they were covered in stickers. I have got the stickers and glue off and give them a wipe down with white spirit, then washed them in warm soapy water. What type of polish/cleaner would I get...
  7. Annual wash for the Strom.

    The Longest Day
    It's that time of year where I take a soapy sponge to the Strom, I can't be bothered to wash it all, but I need at least some clean spaces to put the new stickers on (if they were the same size every year I wouldn't need to use a sponge I could just stick the new over the old!) Ignore the...
  8. Little or big bugg#ers

    There all big kids . I got ready to go too Doctor Laws on Monday to pick up a battery charger I had lent her ,jumpped on the vara,wheeled it out (thought it felt heavy to wheel out) proceeded to ride along my road and realised my week old tyre was very much in the need of air:confused:, I turned...
  9. Cleaning a screen?

    Mechanical Advice
    Does anyone know of a sure fire way to clean all the bugs and other crap off a screen? As I have a new screen for the Tiger I thought I may as well clean up the old one and sell it on Ebay. Trouble is it has lain in the shed for months and I can not seem to get it really clean. I have washed it...
  10. Can't win

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Usually put nikwax visor proof on my visor so the rain runs off. Since it has got dark though the wax on the visor makes the vision bad as the lights of oncoming cars 'starburst' on the visor and vision is poor. I have since washed the visor with warm soapy water to get the wax off. Now...
  11. Air filter cleaning

    Is it ok to clean these minging filters in petrol, wash then in soapy water and dry it out before pouring more of the gooey orrible oil on them??
  12. I just can't make it stop !!!

    When reading (and posting) on Steve R's thread "Pretty Pretty Bike" it got me thinking about all the cheap reliable bikes there have been that just never - ever seemed to break down. My first experience of this was an old CD175 of approx 1972 vintage that just was so simple (twin pot, single...
  13. Just had a go at my stickers

    These things are a bloody nightmare. Does the stickyness of them increase once they been on a while. I been fighting with bubbles on my large one and Im nearly crying over it. Did the J method with spray of soapy water and credit card but at some sides doesnt seem to want to stick. Boo hoo:confused:
  14. Visor Cleaner

    Product Reviews
    Well here's a great idea! A visor wash wipe that you can fix to your handlebars, with a reservoir. I saw it when browsing Nippy Normans Website and thought I'd give it a go. It was a bit fiddly to install, but it's great! Most of the time I forget it's there but when you need it you have a...
  15. Wheres the clicky indicator thingy???

    Africa Twin
    Washed the bike yesterday with liberal amounts of soapy bubbles and water only to find that the indicator clicker is now permanently on. :confused: The indicators still work and the clicker resorts back to the slow (normal click when the the indicator lights are on but one they are switched off...
  16. Paralysed....

    Not so much bike related but need to share it. A collegue of mine came rushing into the office two days ago asking if he can go as his cousin has been in an accident. He's back today with very sad news. His cousin was knocked off his bicycle in a hit and run accident leaving him paralysed. It...
  17. Order placed for discounted Alpine MotoSafe earplugs

    A chance to get Official XRV.ORG Recommended [tm] earplugs at 33% off :D This is copied from here as it occurred to me that I wouldn't get much attention from people who want a deal on earplugs by burying the post at the end of a thread about helmets :oops: Sound advice (no pun intended)...
  18. Pinlock Wierdness!

    I got back from Exeter last night after 400 really cold miles covered in salt, my black bike was white/grey and so was everything else! I washed the stuff off my helmet, off the visor and I took the Pinlock insert out and washed that (soapy water only), as I tried to dry it the surface bacame...