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  1. New drive sprocket

    Hi, ..... I am looking for a bit of clarification please re: my new drive sprocket. The Honda manual (& YouTube vids) all state ..... install with the tooth number stamped on the socket, facing out. (this was the case on the one I just took out) But the new Renthal sprocket I have, appears...
  2. Hidden kill switch! Kill switch is pacifist and wont kill!

    Africa Twin
    Hello lads, I have a quick question here. I am rebuilding my AT XRV 750 RD07 and I'm currently to putting it all back together. When I was installing a Volt meter, I discovered a hidden kill switch installed by prev owner. Now here is the hard part. The hidden kill switch cuts the circuit...
  3. XR400R electrical accessory power socket

    Hi, I have a 2004 XR400, the model without a battery (are they all like this?) bought in the UK. I want the facility to charge a mobile phone or sat-nav whilst riding. The alternator appears to produce an unrectified but regulated output of around 12v AC for the lights. Is there a means to...
  4. My tool wont work.

    I find myself in need of some assistance with my latest project. I am trying to get the rotor off of my project and I dont have the required tool if you go to 3min:14sec on this video you will see what I am trying to do. I need the size of the long socket required to remove the three stator...
  5. Wanted: Spark plug socket

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a spark plug socket for rd07,anybody got one for sale,discovered the one in my kit is a 16mm/5/8ths,no good for mine,think the original was 18mm?. Cheers Alec
  6. Yamaha DT125 LC3

    1986 Yamaha DT 125 LC3. I need to locate the two bolts that hold the front brake caliper onto the forks because jnr forgot to tighten them up when he was checking his brake pads for wear a couple of weeks ago. They both fell out on the way to the mot place so they need to be replaced. I found a...
  7. Skinflint heated jacket

    Bodgers Corner
    Jesus wept, talk about not seeing the wood for the trees..... I've been looking for a heated jacket type of thing & figured there must be a cheaper way than the ~£150 bespoke stuff. Take one of these; A few of these; Can you see where this is going..... End up with this; It works an...
  8. Chokes seem to have seized.

    Africa Twin
    They have been working fine since I had the bike and have been using it most days for work. It has been stood under a cover for a week unused and the choke lever is barely moveable, maybe a few mm. I have splurged WD40 on it at the handlebars end. it feels well stuck as though the cable is...
  9. xr 250 r - y fork leak

    Hi I had the seals replaced on my xr yesterday. I put front end back together pumped the forks up and down - and fork oil squirted out of the bottom of the RH leg - from the big hex socket cover. It's up on the stand now and is not leaking when not under compression. Suggestions?
  10. Changing the clutch on my XL600V

    Hi! I am about to change the clutch on my 1996 TA with 59 000km on the clock. I have bought the EBC-kit with friction and steel-plates, springs and new covergasket. What else do I need? In the manual it says I need a Clutch center holder and a Lock nut wrench. Any tip on making a Center...
  11. Neilsen brake piston removal tool set

    Anybody got or used one of these kits or similar? I'm having trouble pulling the piston out using the kit, surely it cant be that difficult as they dont seem to want to move, when I use the metal bobbin to level against the caliper body with the cone shaped bit inside the socket inside the...
  12. Snapped handlebar retaining bolt!

    Hi, I thought I'd be proper about putting my handlebars back on and tourque them to the correct setting. 26Nm according to the haynes manual. Before I got there, feeling a bit strange this, the bolt snapped off in the socket! Fortunately I was easily able to get the 50% of the bolt in the...
  13. For Sale: Transalp 650. 56 Reg 19,000 miles

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale Transalp 650. Good condition, reliable and good runner, never misses a beat, 19,000 miles. Heated Grips, Crash bars, 12v Socket, high intensity LED running light. Well maintained, have a spreadsheet of MPG, oil changes and parts. £2200 ONO. Southampton area. New Tiger...
  14. What tools do you use?

    Dominator / FMX
    I want to buy my teenage son a tool kit for christmas. I have already got him a Bahco 30 piece socket set and I was wondering what spanners to buy him. I dont want to buy cheap nasty chinese rubbish and would appreciate a few suggestions from the experts on this site as to what makes to go for...
  15. 2007 xr125 oil strainer cap and o ring

    HI everyone Does anyone know what size socket will fit over the oil strainer cap,please.I ve looked up the part number [5 12361-KPS-900 CAP, TAPPET ADJUSTING HOLE], but cant seem to find this detail? Thanks
  16. HandProtector lights.

    Bodgers Corner
    Finally fitted some led's on the Barkbusters. Far from perfect but a cheap solution for winter commutes. Bought a pair of led strips off fleabay for a tenner. Soldered the wires together and connected to a Din plug that was going unused on an old Din-Cig adapter cable. Have to plug them in...
  17. Main Earth and 12V Socket Placement

    Hi Folks, just wondering if anyone can tell me where the main earth wire that connects to the frame is located on my XL650. I can only see the negative lead of the battery that goes to the starter. The lights brighten and dim slightly when revved, thought it may be a dirty earth. Any help...
  18. Regulator rectifier connectors

    I suspect my regrec is on the way out and had a look-see this morning with a view to seeing how easy it would be to swap. (Bike is a 2005 VA-4; ribbed regrec on metal plate behind shock). Slightly surprised to find what my fingers tell me (didn't hoik the battery out) are five wires coming out...
  19. cockpit panel from greece

    Africa Twin
    Πωλείται ΚΑΛΥΜΜΑ ΟΡΓΑÎ�ΩÎ� AFRICA TWIN 750 1999-2000 - € 20 EUR - i m from greece and i fixed that cover for my AT now i shell them for 20€ or 32€ carbon sticker covered if u want u can adjust a 12v socket. for a full equiped panel,shippin inclded,price is 45€ thanks
  20. No power on AT. Any idea where fuse is?

    How to.....
    Ready to shoot myself in the head at moment. Just pulled out to join a group on a ride out and lost all power to the bike. New batt, new mosfet reg/rec, and multiple stops at garage to ensure batt was still charging. I was charging my phone in the 12v socket on way here and plugged it in as I...