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  1. Digital Trip

    Africa Twin
    The digital trip on my 2003 07A has started to play games. The Clock works ok and the speedometer is fine. The digital trips work ok upto about 35 mph, then stops recording. When the speed drops it starts working again. I have checked all the plugs and sockets and opened up the trip meter and...
  2. Finally got an RD03 in the USA

    Africa Twin
    After years of waiting (and converting my Transalp to as close to a RD04 as possible) I've finally got an RD03 here in the States. It's an early one with 0000996 serial number and looks to have come from Germany through the hands of my friend and collector/restorer, screen name "Ujeni"...
  3. TransAlp 600 H model running lights, lighter muffler

    Mechanical Advice
    Does anyone know if there is running lights available (later model?) that would fit sockets for an 87 TransAlp XL600V H model Canadian bike??? Also a lighter than stock muffler recommended??!!:rolleyes:
  4. Wanted: Transalp 600 spark plug spanner.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Morning All, None of my plug spanners/sockets fit my Alp so I need to get the right one, before I order one has anyone got one laying around that they no longer require and would like to exchange for some beer tokens. Cheers Jon
  5. SLR650 alternator puller query

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys, I'm about to tackle replacing the starter clutch on my beloved SLR650....and have run up against a problem - too MUCH information! Do I need a 20mm or 22mm screw-in alternator puller? I'm coming up against BOTH figures on t'Interweb...slightly complicated by my verniers, albeit at a...
  6. New Fuel silencer fitted today.

    Just finished fitting silencer. I got all the tools out, I thought I might need, including a blow torch and hammer. But only needed sockets and spanners and some elbow grease. Did not even need exhaust paste. Which is good because I want to remove the big chamber from the front pipes in the...
  7. Main Earth and 12V Socket Placement

    Hi Folks, just wondering if anyone can tell me where the main earth wire that connects to the frame is located on my XL650. I can only see the negative lead of the battery that goes to the starter. The lights brighten and dim slightly when revved, thought it may be a dirty earth. Any help...
  8. eBay: cockpit dash

    eBay - Africa Twin
    cockpit dash and two 12V sockets - 3mm aluminium... Honda Africa Twin XRV 750 RD07 cockpit instrument dash with 2x 12v sockets | eBay
  9. Charging problem?

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I'm from Turkey and now in Pokhara-Nepal, my bike is a 2001 RD07A, I think I have some electrical problems on my bike. I have to be sure about the situation before start my journey from Nepal to Istanbul-Turkey. I had a powercut on my bike 3 days ago, when I pushed the start...
  10. Anyone know what these enigmatic sockets are for?

    Africa Twin
    I wonder what this socket is for, and what the plug at the end of it is? And what the devil is this one?? It's coming out of the harness in front of the battery compartment ...
  11. Autocom / Starcom on a RD04

    Africa Twin
    had a quick search and cant find quite what I'm looking for, I've taken my Autocom unit off the dero, if I sell it I'll get peanuts so I want to to fit it to the AT. Where?? no space under the seat and using the compartment on the left panel would mean fitting waterproof sockets every where...
  12. Help!! Riding tomorrow, but starter + headlights don't work!! :((

    Africa Twin
    I was adjusting my pilot screws, with the tank off, when suddently the headlights went out, and the starter engine wouldn't turn. I've checked all fuses, wires and sockets, but can't see anything suspicious. All other lights work fine. Before this, on the most recent drive, I had the problem...
  13. Sold: 1998 RD07a Africa Twin

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Unfortunately I have come to a crossroads in my life where I have to be sensible!!!!!! With building the new house I really need to look at being realistic and look at what bikes I actually need. I will probably regret it but think the RD07a will be going in a couple of months so anyone wanting...
  14. Fuse box contents...

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, I have recently bought a 1990 RD04 and have been poking around to get to know it.... Any ideas which fuses should be in the box? at present it has two 10's in the spare sockets, then in the main section, from left to right there is the diode followed by 10,10,15,10. Does this sound...
  15. 12v Sockets

    ...2 fitted to the TA I just bought, but they're not standard cigarette lighter size. Not as wide, unsure about depth. I'd like to make use of them, phone, GPS etc but I have no idea whether I can get adaptors for them to fit my gadgets. All I know about them is "all my gear is BMW, they work...
  16. Shaver sockets in Germany

    The charger for my camera has fold out pins that are designed for the American market but it does fit into these combined shaver sockets often found in bathrooms here in the UK The pins are the same as this Does anyone know if they, as a rule, have similar combined sockets that would take...
  17. What size sockets

    Africa Twin
    The tool tube`s fixed on the bike,got a small ratchet but what size sockets should I carry for a 2000 @,the min amount.:thumbup::thumbleft:
  18. power sockets

    i want to put a 12v power socket on my varadero, but i dont want to spend £55 on the honda one. someone on here must've done it? i want one down low on the frame that can wire straight onto the battery, for the heated waistcoat and charging, but i need one on the dash where the honda one...
  19. nippy normans power sockets ????

    Mechanical Advice
    ive been looking on there site and cant seem to find them :oops: i know some of you have them any chance of letting me know the link or an appropriate supplier :D
  20. 12v Electrical Sockets

    Africa Twin
    Hey, Just wondering have any of you guys fitted 12v sockets to your bikes? It took me about 6 months to find the perfect solution for my @. It is Connected straight to the battery, fused and has plastic covers to keep the rain out. Charges my Phone, Powers the Garmin GPS V and Recharges...