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  1. Ebay search on XRV forum

    Does anybody use Ebay search, when I tried it wants me to load some more software I use to use it all the time. Anyone downloaded the software?
  2. Soft Panniers & Frame.

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Anyone here recommend a soft pannier frame and soft panniers? Regards, Pat.
  3. Q: Transalp 650 too soft front

    Hi all, i'm having a problem when going thru the small bumps.. front fork goes all the way down and hit my roll bar.. Can i do smth to fork with other oil? Or should i go with new springs?
  4. For Sale: FS: Givi soft panniers & racks for Transalp 650

    For Sale / Wanted
    Givi T213 I think they are, soft pannier frames used but in good condition, come complete with the indicator relocating brackets. Also some throw over semi rigid panniers for the above, as new. £35 for the frames £35 for the panniers Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
  5. Crf 250 Rally soft luggage rack

    CRF - New Forum!
    Is there anyone local to me, sittingbourne who can make me a rear luggage rack for magadan soft luggage, with a rotopax fuel container on the opposite side of the exhaust and being braced across the rear, it needs to be lightweight neat and tidy. Many thanks
  6. Wanted: A few items wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys my Tranny xl 650 I've just acquired has no centre stand Anyone has one for sale also some soft luggage side bag thingies ?;)
  7. RD03 forks srping rate

    Africa Twin
    Hello there, Does anyone know the dimension (inner and outer diameter, total length of both springs together) and spring rate of the front fork springs? With wirth springs the bike is still to soft fort me. Cheers, Norman
  8. Soft Day

    Africa Twin
    A little damp today in Dublin ? but no reason to stay inside!
  9. Tony Archer seat

    Africa Twin
    Just got my seat back from Tony and wow, i love it! He raised it by 2" and made it a bit wider and softer...all for £85 quid :)
  10. For Sale: Touratech sidestand foot.Fits all TA and AT.

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I have for sale a Touratech sidestand foot,this gives the stand a bigger footprint to stop it sinking into soft ground.£17.00 inc pp. VGC,this is just over half price.Pm me Cheers.
  11. Photo editing software

    Had some recent issues editing photos in photobucket, so what software do you use before uploading ???? Looking for a windows and simplicity options :hitler:
  12. For Sale: hein gericke soft panniers

    For Sale / Wanted
    Immaculate condition complete with plastic covers. Theyre a good size How about £50 delivered
  13. Xl700 coolant level

    Hard to see ain't it! However, using a probe , in think it's a tad low. Can I top up with a wee bit of tap water? I live in a soft water area.
  14. Wanted: RD07a gel seat

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All 1. looking for a RD07a gel seat any make or colour. original a tad hard on my soft arse :( 2. front disc guard ali 3. rear disc guard ali KR Nic
  15. tyres again for Norway trip

    Hi folks Who knows very roughly how long i could expect to get from a set of tkc 80,s on my TA 650 used mostly on road but odd bits of soft roading?
  16. XL1000 fork oil

    What's the fork oil volume in an xl1000 ('02 plate), and what would the standard oil weight (is that the right term) ? Carrying me round it feels a little soft, I think I'll go up an oil when I get it done.
  17. RD07 - hard clutch - options?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, What are the options to get the clutch a bit softer? (new cable, route properly) - Gym - Softer clutch springs (which ones?) - Extend lever on case - ??? Interested to hear your comments. Alex
  18. soft panners on @

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone use soft bags on their at that don't have clearance problems with the exhaust. I was going to get givi racks to overcome this but thought it was worth asking here first. Cheers
  19. Pannier frame THING ! ?

    I got this with my 87 Transalp it appears to be some sort of pannier frame, don't know if its to support soft panniers but it seems substantial enough to take Givi type or Ally boxes Does any one know what make it is ?
  20. Cylinder base gasket

    Dominator / FMX
    What is the best way to soften up a 20 yr old base gasket to try and get it off? Solvent, flame thrower,angle This gasket is well hard and dont want to come off.