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  1. RD04 choke valve/plunger and running lean

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone. I have read mostly all threats and post about XRV choke and lean problems and haven't find solution for my running lean problem.. slowly dropping revs and hunting idle... and only air leak that i can find is from choke. I have reamoved choke cable and pushed choke valve/plunger...
  2. XR400 Standard Indicator Relay

    Hi all, just joined here, need some help. Partners son has an xr400 that needs to get through an MOT. It has standard indicators with bulbs not LED ones and we are after locating a relay to get these working. For the life of us we can not locate one, can import one from Australia of all places...
  3. Handlebar height

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone have a solution to the handlebar height on the RDo2 ? I find mine very low and difficult to use especially when standing on the pegs, i have loosened them and pushed them up a little which is slightly better but causes the engine to race slightly on full lock so not ideal. I like the...
  4. 650 transalp front wheel issue

    Hi all, just asking.... my alp developed a "clicking" which initialy i thought was transmission related but have now established it is front end as it dissapears on using front brake. Especially notable on slow cornering. i am about to take the front wheel off and inspect wheel bearings and will...
  5. Choke won't stay choked

    Dominator / FMX
    My Dommie's choke won't stay on, I pull in the lever for cold starts but then it just creeps open again from the vibes before the engine is warmed up. Does anyone know how to tighten it so it only closes when I want it to? The last vehicle I had with a manual choke was a 1971 Mini! The choke...
  6. XL500s-Z crank case breather

    XL Technical Specs
    Hi all - I have a US spec '79 XL500s-Z and I want to eliminate the US crankcase breather/collector, does the UK version have a plain pipe from crank case to air inlet rubber? Has anybody any other solution? thanks!!
  7. Possible supply of new output shafts

    Africa Twin
    I'm in need of a favour :D Does anyone have an output shaft from either an RD04, RD07, or RD07A that I can BORROW (will be returned in identical condition after a few days) I need to check some measurements, but am pretty sure that I have found a solution to Honda no longer manufacturing the...
  8. Ignigtion switch jamming---

    ---on my 2008 Transalp 700. Lately when going to start the Alp I've noticed that sometimes I have to wiggle the key or slightly lift it up and down before it will turn the ignition on. Any idea anyone what's going on and a solution? Nick.
  9. Transalp 600 oil pressure boss crack

    Hi, I've just seen the boss which holds the oil pressure sensor has a crack, probably from over-tightening the sensor. I'm thinking of drilling a channel on the length of the crack, clean it and put some Al epoxy then some tiger seal at the end of the boss just as a sealant. I don't know...
  10. Is it possible to allow the RD07 to start clutch-in in-gear?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I would like the ability for the bike to start in-gear (with the clutch in). My 1998 VFR has this ability - I found it handy to be able to leave the bike in-gear with the engine off to hold on a hill when stopping momentarily, then to be able to re-start straight away by just pulling in...
  11. Rd07a outputshaft /countershaft avilaiblity

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, having inspected output shaft have noticed more wear on it since last inspection 8k ago I am about to fit a Stefter sprocket which I purchased (thanks een 205 for starting the out put shaft thread awhile ago and Massive lee for his research) as a temporary solution to my problem , as...
  12. transalp 600 '99 - linkage bearing kit

    Hello, Does anyone has an idea from where to buy the linkage bearing kit for the VX 600 transalp? I cannot find it anywhere...except on CMSNL, it's a bit expensive but at least it could have the parts, but any other solution do you guys know? Thanks Radu
  13. For Sale: Shell Advance Ultra 4T 10w-40 is only £26.95 for 4 Litres only at Opie Oils

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a top quality 10w-40? Look no further!! Opie Oils has the perfect solution! Shell Advance Ultra 4T 10w-40 is now only £26.95 for 4 Litres at Opie Oils which is a MASSIVE 37% OFF RRP Don't forget you get an EXTRA 10% off the price with your forum discount which can be found...
  14. Dominator front fork & rear suspension improvement for Offroad use

    Dominator / FMX
    I own an Dominator RD08 model and i want to improve the front fork & rear suspension (i use it exclusively for offroad trips). As cost really matters, i am thinking of race tech gold valve emulators OR front progressive spring (not both). Which solution will give the best result? As for the...
  15. I have a problem with wind

    Dominator / FMX
    My Dommie lives on the street so it hides under an Oxford Stormex cover when not in use. At least three times in the last month the wind has got it and knocked the bike over. We live on a slight hill so the bike is always parked with the side stand side down hill but because it's quite a tall...
  16. Fork gators for xl650v

    Has anyone got a better price for the Honda original gators. ...they are horrendously expensive...around 40 eur each!! Does anyone have an alternative solution...I will consider anything as long as it keeps the forks clean Is there any way at all of installing something which does not...
  17. Sliding around the seat with fabric gear :(

    Hi all, As the birthday boy :D Family got together and got me a Dainese D-Explorer jacket :thumb: Having found some pants that fit me (oh, at last) Ive noticed I am slipping all over the shop on my bike seat :( Ive never had fabric gear, always leather so it was never an issue, but really...
  18. Hey guys what is the 'locktite solution' for out put shaft wear?

    Africa Twin
    Question is in the title... what is the 'locktite solution' for out put shaft wear?
  19. Erratic Tickover

    My 1979 XL250s is causing me a bit of a problem in that its unreliable because I have stripped the carb twice and used a service kit for needle, jets and gaskets,but after setting it up to the book and as best I know how, tick over varies so much and at times makes it difficult to control or...
  20. Honda SLR clocks on a dommie

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know if the clockset and even the little protective bar are a straight swap onto a dominator? They seem like the perfect solution to my problem. Thanks Alistair