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  1. My extremely frustrating front end

    Africa Twin
    I finally dropped some heavier springs into my WP forks on the RD03. I was fully expecting my problems to be solved. I have the same bounciness between 50 and 60 km/h. At this point, I'm starting to wonder if it is the wheel (which was new with the front end). Any suggestions that I might...
  2. Mystery solved

  3. appolagies

    Sorry for not keeping uptodate on the forum for the last few months. Life has served me a couple of curved balls, some real mind benders. Problem not solved but got my head round it. So I can't wait to meet the usual crowd, over a few beers, and a camp fire, it should be an entertaining 10...
  4. Game pie

    Dominator / FMX
    Couldn't really decide on the style of front mudguard I wanted on the tracker as the mounting points are not very universal and I had trimmed the original but didn't really like it . Tonight the issue has been solved thanks to a pheasant:thumbright: Luckily i saw it at the last second so I was...
  5. Big thanks to Nick

    Dominator / FMX
    that lovely Brummie has helped me out a lot with bits and bobs and I would like to say a big thanks to him publicly . Hopefully between us we may have solved the shock length problem and how to get round it for others building specials :thumbright:
  6. Ignition wiring

    Africa Twin
    Howzit, I've got a second hand 2000 twin, recently having problems with the ignition After inspection of the wiring I found that some wires has been cut and hanging loose two brown wires and a yellow one All other wires has also been cut and just twisted together, got the problem solved, just...
  7. Throttle is heavy

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, Don't know if anyone else ever had this problem, but I feel that my throttle is very heavy, you know, it just hasn't got that snappy feel. Normally I'm not worrying about such things, but offroad it's annoying since it makes fluent riding more difficult because of the amount of force I...
  8. My screen prob solved at last

    Africa Twin
    Finally, I think I may have it sorted :toothy7: I've tried the AT with the standard screen and with the standard and a Touratech flip on top, but always found it noisy - not so much buffeting as a godawful whooshing wind noise. Ducking down an inch or two, or even just tipping my head down to...
  9. I think i have solved me handling issue

    ok for anyone with bad handling issues this might be for you !! for a while now i been having problems with my bikes handling. it started after i serviced it new tyres oil the whole shibang, i was going mad trying to solve this problem i went through the whole bike wheel bearings rebuild forks...
  10. Tom Tom Rider 1 power connector problem solved?

    Africa Twin
    As you can see from the pictures, I’ve had the wires on my TomTom Rider 1 re-routed in order to bypass the original charging pins on the back because we all know how rubbish they are, how they get pitted from vibration causing an intermittent contact, and how the Rider eventually fails as a...
  11. Brake problem solved ...

    Mechanical Advice
    Hello fellow @-ers, Ever since I bought my bike I had some strange braking problems. Whenever I would brake my lever would seize (I thinks that's the word, meaning it would not go any further) a little, and therefore brake only a little. When I would squeeze harder it would eventually shoot...
  12. problem solved,thank god.

    Dominator / FMX
    I put a thread on here about my Dominator vibrating in 4th ,5th.Problem was a worn out sproket bearing ,£5.99 from Wemco ,sorted , so pleased it has made it nice to ride different bike.:) Cheers Ian.
  13. Continously Resetting Tripmeter and/or Defect Cooling Fan >> Solved!!

    Africa Twin
    When testing the bike it became overheated and the Cooling Fan did not turn on. So I checked the fuse .. Hmm, Looks Ok. So I removed the tank and the Fan, hooked it on 12 V and it turned. I measured the connector comming from the bike, no 12 V?!?! :confused: Let's check the fuse again, Looks ok...
  14. slight problem - solved i think

    Africa Twin
    Ok, my @ is ill. She's really hard to start and when she does start you have to keep the throttle open slightly to have her at 2000rpm, but she will still cut out suddenly. She sounds terrible when she is going and has no power. From what i can feel she is only firing on the front cylinder as...
  15. Handling problem solved?

    Africa Twin
    I've commented before that my AT is unnervingly unstable in crosswinds and when riding through turbulence, when overtaking trucks on the Motorway for instance. I think I may have found the reason... I jacked up the bike to check the front wheel bearings. They were fine but the steering showed...