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  1. ZIREIA festival

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    the official front page of the festival 5o Ziria Music Festival unfortunatelly in greek the place our camping place inside the cave nearby thanks to SPELEO Caving Club events during the day night concerts It was really cold on 1600 altitude On the way back keep on rolling...
  2. Music lovers rejoice, Space Rock is alive and kicking.

    The spirit of Hawkwind* has been resurrected Maaaan. New album by Hookworms, Pearl Mystic. I heard a song on Radio 6. Took a chance on the album. Droney sounds guitars and the fatlad can sing and scream. Fabulous, play it loud and be killed by your neighbours. Hookworms - 'Preservation' (Live) -...
  3. Can anyone identify this song please?

    Varadero XL 1000 - YouTube
  4. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

    Like it or loath it undoubtedly the hit advert of last Christmas was that from John Lewis featuring a wee boy barely able to wait for Christmas day to arrive so he could give his presents and all set to a Smiths classic song. This years one is due to be aired for the first time tomorrow and it...
  5. Buddashead "Crawlin moon"

    Definitely not the right forum but I know there are some knowledgeable people about......a good friend from home, whose son plays in a band is trying to have the complete lyrics/text for the above song. I have personally never heard of it. Could anyone please point me in the right direction...
  6. Just picked up a set of 43mm WP USD forks with clamps

    Africa Twin
    Aside from needing a good wipe down, they seem to be in great shape. Picked them up for a song. Also managed to get the caliper and reservoir. Trying to sort out the remaining bits. Axle, Hub, bracket for 320mm disc, steering stem (probably from Rugged Roads) Am I missing anything...
  7. Transalp doesn't have a song...

    Transalp stick this on your ipod and pretend she's singing "Transalp": Or don't. :violent2:
  8. Heathrow T5 song

    If you missed it this morning:D:D:D