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  1. The Bitch has died RIP

    My RD04 affectionatly known as "The Bitch" was stolen from outside my house sometime last night... She was recovered around 8:30 this morning partially embedded into a Rover Metro... The metro might be driven again but my bike is a write off :( The rider and pillion were unable to leave...
  2. I have finally got my first AT!..

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, After two and a half (long) months of searching, I have finally bought an AT! It is standard (apart from topbox) with 13000 miles on the clock. It was the 3rd one I looked at. I bought it from Hereford, its new home is now the edge of Dartmoor. I serviced it shortly after I got...
  3. Ace Cafe - 11am Sunday 24th February

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Seeing how the Jan meet was soooo popular, why not make this a regular monthly meet? So to move forward, can I propose Sunday 17th February for the next one? I'll be sure to make this one (seeing as how I'm proposing it :rolleyes: ) and Annette will be along on her @ as well. So who else...
  4. Hi One & All

    I've finally got round to getting my own log in. I'm stormforce8's significanly better looking half and bought my Africa Twin from sohoeasy last weekend. And I have to say I LOVE IT!!!!!! I've upgraded from a BMW F650GS and it's so far, much smoother and tons...
  5. Winter projects

    Hey guys, although my post is all AT related it is not a bike specific question. I have several projects lined up for the cold winter months including: 1-Custom panniers/rack. (have rack 1/2 way, have my home made panniers on route from oz.. any day now.. soooo excited.. still need some...
  6. Air filters question/advice?

    After seeing pigUs Transrat at the national, its time to take mine back to basics too. Most of the cosmetics is easy, but the question is - how much differance will using a couple of foam/mesh "custom bike" filters on top of the carbs, with the whole airbox stuff, pair etc removed/tied off...
  7. May i introduce....

    My latest Accessory to my bike:D:D:D:D Thanks to robster and chad Robster for the idea and chad to make it happened This is soooo cool:D:D :D:D
  8. Cambridge to Offenburg and back

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    We are soooo stylish baby! Matching red or what. This was the beginning of a 700Km ride through torrential rain all the way back to Cambridge. It rained so much so hard for so long that the electrics started to splutter on the M11 with the amount of rain and road spray. Only my bum got wet as...
  9. wp are in!

    Africa Twin
    hey,,, Anubis has a new suspention system.... it was soooo easy 3.5 hours all up!!!!! i'll post some pics soon after a coffee and food
  10. the aussie pink floyd

    :D me and mrs chad went to see these guys last night :cool: :cool: WOW! they were slick ! thats got to be one of the best concerts ive been to :cool: you would be hard pressed to tell them apart from the real thing...great light show, great sound, and soooo faithfull to floyds sound,,,,,if...
  11. @ to good!

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, had my @ now for around 5 weeks, done 1500 miles on it. And yet it's soooo good at it's job, I'm getting bored and thinking of selling it..? It's perfect, for my daily commute, long tours, two up, runs perfect, built great, looks ok? tanks range, wind blast, every thing I was looking...
  12. TIP OF THE WEEK!! [1] Headlamp Protectors

    Africa Twin
    I was treating my RD04 to new front pads, complete caliper clean up, and fresh fluid today; which was an absolute doddle and I finished the whole job in less than an hour. The caps, pins, and bolts came out soooo easily that it is the best ever advertisement for Copperslip, and Motul Brake...
  13. What did I do wrong?

    Africa Twin
    Arrived home half an hour late tonight as I came home 'the long way round' on the new AT. My tea now decorates the back garden! Ahhh the joys of AT ownerships. She's usually soooo lovely too! :fart: I'm sure Ewen and Charlie never had this sort of hassle!
  14. Aaaggghh!!!

    They've disconnected our internet access at work:( :( :( No more browsing with a cuppa when I first get in, no more lunchtime surf and no sneekies when things are quiet. I suppose I should feel sad about the fact we're all on redundancy notice, but somehow my lack of access to the forum is...
  15. Day riding new / old AT - Brilli - bloody - ant

    Collected the £1000 AT RD04 today for Wee Bro and rode it to his place. What a weapon..... :yay: What a brilliant day for it.... What a rocket ship .... this baby is soooo quick ... much quicker than my ex RD07a. :D This machine was looked after by some previous owner, frame is spotless...
  16. Out of Africa

    And early as well!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Jambo everyone!!!! A "difficult" deployment. We were ready to stay on until early January but a big UN team with heavy gear came in to relieve us. Soooo, one UN flight from Garissa to Nairobi, one late night flight back to London(8hrs), 3 hour drive home this...
  17. Shuberth C2

    I splashed out and bought a new helmet to sort of replace the BMW system 4. I have to say i am soooo impressed ! have been using it 3 weeks and it is the quietest helmet i have ever used, very comfy and now fits very well (it took about 3 days to get comfy). the little pop down visor works...
  18. London meet with a bit of a splash

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    First things first thanks dave for fixing my avatar :lol: :lol: :lol: This evening Whealie,von short hausen met at Eynes fort for a little play in the water.That was good fun thanks guys. Whealie your bike looks so mean now,maybe you just should leave it.Nobody is going to mess with you...
  19. Dolly caught a cold

    Dominator / FMX
    And I got it too :cry: She developed a splutter on 1/4 throttle, especially when cold, so I went in today to find out why. Problems I've had to overcome :evil: 1) Stainless steel screw holding front side panel to tank head stripped. As its recessed in the fairing I had to drill the head...
  20. Info please

    Ladies and Gents, after 14 years of riding a Pan European I am considering changing to a TA. I have found one in a local bike shop (2001 model, black - which I see makes it go faster - Bagster tank bag and a top box, 29,000kms, one owner and soooo clean it looks new) I won't tell you the price...