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  1. back brake problem RD07a

    Africa Twin
    Bike was running perfect and I decided to fit rugged roads snail cam chain adjusters which only involves taking long bolt out etc. Went out on bike today and brake performance not good. The rear brake used to be very good and I didnt think I lost a spacer but what have I done wrong?
  2. RD03/04 suspension linkage spacers

    Africa Twin
    Have just discovered that the spacers within the rear linkage are no longer available. Two of mine were completely seized, the smaller one where the shock attaches is available from Honda but neither of the longer ones are. Has anyone found a similar part that will fit or could be modified...
  3. PD10 shock in PDO6 frame

    Hi i tried this today, Im not sure if it works on the road but it sits almost the same as my AT did. I fitted the swingarm from my 2000 AT onto my XL600v frame, The AT shock was too long but i tried the shock from a 650 TA and it slid straight in. It does look slightly lower than a pic of an AT...
  4. Front Axle, what's missing ?

    Hi, I've just bought a '93 xl600 transalp and when removing the front wheel found the nut to be very stiff and the wheel binding in the calipers. Took the wheel off and on replacing found that as I was tightening the axle it started to get very tight but the forks were not yet touching the wheel...
  5. Total wheel bearing failure, with photos (anyone got spares?)

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, It would seem that the previous owner of my RD03 suffered a wheel bearing failure on the rear. Instead of finding a new hub they bodged it and have left me to sort out the mess. The bearing should sit between these two lines, not going to happen here. A mixture of bearing failure...
  6. Leftover part....what is it?!?

    I have a knack of acquiring spares. They end up left on the floor after I put things back together. :/ Anyway, last night I finally got round to changing the sprockets and chain on my 1981 XL185. Everything came off and went back on as I expected but when I was tidying up tools afterwards I...
  7. For Sale: EBC 320mm caliper spacer BRK009 STG60 + P&P

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a brand new EBC brake caliper relocation bracket for sale, this will allow a 320mm disc to be fitted to the following bikes for Supermoto or street use. The bracket is brand new, never fitted. Anodised blue. Fits the following bikes Honda CR125R 95-03 CR250R 95-03 CR500R 95-03 CRF150F...
  8. Dommie Speedo Drive replacement

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone know where i can get a spacer to fit instead of the speedo drive on my Dommie with a SLR front wheel fitted.
  9. Progressive fork springs/spacers

    Hello, I'm fitting Wirth progressive fork springs to a 2006 Transalp and wanted to know if I should discard the washers which are acting as spacers when I fit the new springs. I believe the Transalp didn't have spacers installed from stock? The bike is second hand and this is the first time I've...
  10. Speedo drive

    Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a washer or spacer between to fork and the speedo drive assembly? I know there is one on the opposite side. But for some reason, when I do up the shaft on the wheel. The bolts holding the disk are rubbing on the caliper on the speedo drive side. Its...
  11. Windshield Spacer. the right way to mount

    Sorry for the silly question this double spacer , the big part should be on the bottom of the windshield or the top ? i put the big part on the bottom but i feel it's wrong as there is a big hole that the small part can get out through when you have a lot of vibration. can anyone check his/her...
  12. Dominator front fork & rear suspension improvement for Offroad use

    Dominator / FMX
    I own an Dominator RD08 model and i want to improve the front fork & rear suspension (i use it exclusively for offroad trips). As cost really matters, i am thinking of race tech gold valve emulators OR front progressive spring (not both). Which solution will give the best result? As for the...
  13. 1993 Transalp 600 front disc upgrade problem

    Hi there people. I am in the process of upgrading to a bigger front disc upgrade, problem is, I bought a calliper spacer from Gary but the holes in the spacer are not the correct size / distance. On my bike, the lugs on the fork is about 116 mm apart (centre to centre), the bracket spacer...
  14. At front fork mod?

    Africa Twin
    Want to stiffen up the front forks a bit. Been told I could use a spacer in the top Of each fork. Is this a good idea and if so what sort of Size would I need? Cheers Bob.
  15. Help with AT WP4860 USD Conversion !

    Africa Twin
    Hello dears, I an Africa Twin and I decided to go for a WP48 USD conversion. Unfortunately the ones I got are slightly different. The one with designation "WP 4860 MXMA 1418X728", I guess came from a KTM 640 LC4 adv with 275mm wheel travel And the second one with specification "WP4860MXMA...
  16. Fitting Intimators.

    Mechanical Advice
    I have a pair of these to install in an RD04. However, I've lost the fitting guide they came with. Can these be fitted without removing the fork stanchions from the yokes - or is it best done with the front end disassembled and the stanchions removed ? And those two (2 inch)spacer tubes --...
  17. Clutch woes...

    Africa Twin
    Chaps, Changed the clutch plates on the RD04 today. In far from ideal conditions with the bike on it's side in my father-in-law's front garden... Having reassembled the clutch and put the cover back on, it seems that the clutch actuation arm is in the wrong position... Logically this would...
  18. Hub bearing spacer problems, too long?

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone encountered hub spacer problems when changing their wheel bearings? It is my understanding that when the bearings are driven into the hub the spacer should be touching the inner race. When the axle is then installed and torqued up the spacer prevents side loading to the bearing. In...
  19. Enlarged Sidestand Foot

    Bodgers Corner
    I had a bit of a bodgefest last week and turned a bit of cheap extruded 3mm?? ally into an enlarged foot:thumbright: Cut it into 3 layers(with hindsight 4 would have been better) First(base) plate Middle layer basically acts as a spacer, but needs to have an oval hole and slot cut into it...
  20. That's a relief

    Had an annoying rattle at the front for a while and I thought the cam chain on the front cylinder was about to let go. Turned out to be the little spacer top front of my Givi bars. I guess I didn't tighten the bolt that goes through it enough when I took them off and put them back on? Some...