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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    I guess many of you will soon or already have a spam email (thinly disguised as a newsletter) form our absent landlords in Canada. This has links to articles on (also owned by VS) and some links back to topics on the forums here. I'd just like it to go on record as saying that...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    My wife's account was hacked into a couple of days ago and over 1k £ has been taken. Just to warn anyone who may have made the same mistake, she had used the same password for both her email account and her paypal account.......I didn't know.....:mad: Her email account was attacked first and...
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted, some Spam tins (aluminium panniers) - any condition (ie fixable, not flattened). I have Ricky Cross pannier rack, so will prob drill another set of holes to mount. I am in Cambridge so will travel about 150 from there. Please email me direct - Matt :thumbup:
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Just a word of warning.. this isn't a chain fake virus warning but I've had about 10 of these to various of my email addies in the last couple of days whilst I'm reconfiguring my spam-assasin server so all spam is getting through and they're one of the most realistic looking microsoft emails...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    I'm getting the usual spam, you know med's, cheap 'quality' watches, p**** enhancement etc. Except they've started appearing with the spammer's e-mail address as mine:confused: How is this possible? Does it mean my address has been cloned and anything I get is copied to them? Should I be...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    .. using your computer! If you've not tried it before is where you get the application. Install it and you can chat to people around the world as if you were on the phone, and it's free. Skype have an offer on at the moment, which I've been using quite a bit. Buy £10 of credit (wait...
1-6 of 22 Results