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  1. How can i say this without blubbing :(. :(

    Dominator / FMX
    It is with a heavy heart that have to anounce my departure from the dominator owners circle. My bike is now on its way ouarzazate,morocco but without me. I put on the local tinternet as sell or deal with an AT. A spanish guy working in ireland but re-posted to morocco pretty much bought it...
  2. Mitas E-07. Any good on a Vara?

    I'm going to be doing the Spanish HISS twice this year, the May trip to Aragon is not going to be as demanding off road as Catalonia in September, so I am pondering taking the Vara as there will be a lot of road work going out from St Malo. Any thoughts on the Mitas E-07 F&R on the Vara? I have...
  3. XR 400 workshop manual in spanish

    hi, just wondering if anyone can point me where i could try and obtain a workshop manual (cd, pdf, etc) for an XR400 in spanish for a friend. all he or i could find are in english and japanese. surely must be one in spanish,italian, german etc? thanks in advance. mark
  4. Spain

    A lovely track from our campsite to the Spanish Coastal town of Peniscola, yes and it is pronounced peeniscola. 20 kilometres in the mid 20's. Perfect. Oh and that's the wife, not me. Yes I know it's a Honda but the bike you cannot see is an XT 350
  5. Looking at buying 89 rd03.What to look for!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. Will be going to look at an rd03 with 32.000miles on the clock. How would I check the output shaft without taking it apart. Also what should I be looking for in the way of know/major faults. Seller says it's in original, mint condition and is asking top dollar so I'm expecting...
  6. My Daughter

    Is a cracker. :p Just back from Uni, working in a shop up the road for the hols. Only a small shop, they have one till which is self service only. she only goes and alters the language when she sees a "suspect" coming in the shop. :lol: She can alter to German, Polish and Spanish. She reckons...
  7. HISS in September 2014

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone here going this year to Catalonia in September?? I would dearly love to try a Spanish trip this year (my first time in Spain) and the idea of mixing it with some gentle off roading sounds great... I am tad dubious at trying this one as a newbie both on the HISS and riding in Spain... My...
  8. Wanted: Transalp 650 headlight unit wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Chaps, I am having a mare of a time getting a 2001 transalp registered in Spain. I exported it from Holland, and have a letter to say so, and then lost the original reg docs. I phoned them up to get a copy and even though the letter says I exported the bike, they logged it as scrapped so I...
  9. Wanted: Transalp 650 headlight unit wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Chaps,<br><br>I am having a mare of a time getting a 2001 transalp registered in Spain.  I exported it from Holland, and have a letter to say so, and then lost the original reg docs.  I phoned them up to get a copy and even though the letter says I exported the bike, they logged it as...
  10. Second Africa Twin - 2003 9200miles

    Africa Twin
    :):):):) Just bought a little cracker! RWB 2003 with only 9200 miles on the clock, Metal Mule Panniers, Leather tank cover. Had my 2001 AT for 18months and done 8000 miles on it. It took me to Applecross in the Scottish Highlands, Monaco through the Alps, Tour of Pyrenees and Spanish Picos...
  11. I'm buying a Crosstourer

    A BMW 1200 GSA, A ferrari and possibly go on a world cruise with all the money I'm about to receive next week, £915,950.00 to be precise. :thumbup::thumbup: I've just won the Euromillion Lottery, yippeeeeeee, which is quite surprising cos I never entered it. Yup, you're right, another scam, but...
  12. what makes britain great !!!!

    Well i have been for some weeks now delivering stone to make roads on solar parks that are being constructed in our area, Solar Panels = Made in China solar panels = delivered by Hungarians , poles , etc etc, jobs being done by Spanish and german companies so spanish and german site agents...
  13. 2week pass...where too?

    I have got a 10day-2 week pass from the missus and need suggestion on where to ride. I live in southern spain(costa del sol). I don't fancy morroco, so it looks like Spain/portugal/souther France are the options. Southern France would be great but its 2.5k of Spanish motorways to get there and...
  14. Start up after a year,new battery,no lights ignition etc.

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys,Trying to get the AT going again after a year not starting. The battery died last year,fitted a new one , no ignition lights or anything . There were no other issues last year , any idea's.Help would be much appreciated.Spanish Steve
  15. noisy cam chain when cold

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all, just lately my camchain has started making a noise when started from cold(spanish winter cold, not freezing). oil/ filter recently changed. i know on some engines this is acceptable as it soon goes away after about 30secs to a minute. is this normal on a low kms 2000 dominator or...
  16. Tyre Advice :- K60's, Anakee's or Mitas E-08's

    Africa Twin
    I've presently got Michelin Anakee's fitted to a recently purchased pre-owned RD07a, the front in need of replacing before the rear. My previous @ had K60's on it, I was impressed with the road holding and wear ability. My usage would be 80% road with forest trails and Spanish rocky trails...
  17. FMX CDI

    Dominator / FMX
    I got sent an e mail by a Spanish company who make an upgraded CDI widget for the FMX. Seemingly a nice boost in power. Thought it might be of interest to some of you. CDI-FMX
  18. For Sale: Spanish Car

    For Sale / Wanted
    Not sure this is the most sought after item but worth a try :joker: For sale my wife's 1999 Spanish Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI with 235,000 kms and full service history. Anyone interested please let me know, I will be putting it online in Spain in a few weeks time, hoping to sell by Christmas. Car...
  19. Calling All French/Spanish Expats

    I'm probably moving back from Spain to England early in the new year due to work, and as part of that will be driving an empty van from Norwich to Tarragona via Portsmouth/Caen ferry. Does anybody need anything shifting down from the UK?
  20. Varadero Spanish race track

    Nice one. Varadero on a spanish race track YouTube - Honda Varadero XL1000V Circuit Albacete ContourHD