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  1. XR
    Hi ive bought a 97 XR400R but upon inspection its got a broken valve which in turn has damaged the head too much for repair so im looking for a head preferably with valves/cam etc im in UK? Thanks in advance.
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know of a UK supplier of OEM spec seat covers for the 88/99 model NX ? Mine is Red with Honda in White on either side.
  3. XL
    Hi everyone, just picked up a new bike and I am beginning the tear down process. I am having a difficult time finding a good free version of the service manual. Sorry I am cheap but need the cash to get bike running thank you for the help
  4. Varadero
    Hi guys, Just bought a 2001 Varadero 1000 which is an import from Europe, so my question is that I need a UK spec headlight and speedo, did Honda use a headlight from another bike on the Vardero or am I stuck with shelling big bucks out for a new one. If anyone can point me in the direction of...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Hi everybody. i'm moving out of the country for a short while and that i wish to require my cars with American state. They are 1. 2000 Toyota above atomic number 11 with greedy exhaust 2. 1975 VW minibus I am curious to understand, however am i able to check if my above can pass their...
  6. XL Technical Specs
    Hi all - I have a US spec '79 XL500s-Z and I want to eliminate the US crankcase breather/collector, does the UK version have a plain pipe from crank case to air inlet rubber? Has anybody any other solution? thanks!!
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    As new condition, complete with inner bags & lightweight frame Hold tons of equipment Virtually bullet-proof £ Offer +P&P/Collect
  8. Transalp
    I went to take off my top caps to check the oil levels. but have found one to be cross threaded!. it is very tight to move and on close inspection it is not right. not taken it off but I believe it will undo, But where can I buy one new or second hand. or do I buy a pair of preload adjustables...
  9. Africa Twin
    Hello lads, I inspected my RD07A spark plugs this weekend. Trying to remove that bitch of a front left plug, I yanked on the HT lead to remove the spark plug cap but ripped the lead clean out, leaving the spark plug cap firmly stuck over the spark plug. Eventually managed to wiggle it out but it...
  10. Other Honda
    Montesa 4 ride so is it only me wanting to see this bike in the flesh looking at it an the spec it's going to be an awesome trail bike for the tight green lanes out this coming month looks like 85kg with oil an fuel the crf 250x comes in at 115kg i want a test ride 4Ride Introduction pug
  11. Africa Twin
    hi guys, does anyone know if i could find anywhere replacement inspection lense for front brake reserviour? (mine got crack and started leaking) thanks
  12. Africa Twin
    Bike is a 1993 rd07, and my doubt is if there is any difference between the Right Rotor and Left rotor, besides the "R" and the "L" mark in each rotor/disc brake? Looking at them (visual inspection) they look exactly the same with the exeption of an L and R marking on the side. Why am i asking...
  13. XRV Swap Shop
    Imported a 1988 RD03 now need UK spec headlights for mot, do RD04 headlights fit ? Can anybody help
  14. Dominator / FMX
    Put the valves in spec' & retested the compression, reads 120 psi, any thoughts ?
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    folks I'm after a UK spec headlight for xr250r 1996 please, bikes just failed mot
  16. Transalp
    hi can anyone tell me what size hex key I need for the 2 inspection caps on the engine to check the valve clearances please thx.
  17. XR
    Hi folks, I bought this 1996 ex mod XR250R on impulse, it was a none runner, & had quite a lot of engine work needed doing. the plan is to restore it to MOD spec, it's just having a good service & new boots fitted now hopefully end of the week it will be repainted mot'd & insured/taxed. :lol:
  18. XL
    Hi all, just bought a 1981 Honda xl500s and new to this type of bike, (usually do 2 strokes, don't hold it against me !!) upon inspection its going to be needing a lock set, ignition, helmet and steering lock, can't seem to find a set anywhere are they still available either new or used...
  19. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tried a new road a couple of days ago. One of my favourite roads is aursjøvegen, and this day, i decided to try a side road to this road - jernbanetraseen. This road is really spectacular, as you see in the pictures below.
1-19 of 76 Results