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  1. 1972 and 1976 XL250 Part Out

    I have two complete XL 250's I am parting out. If anyone needs anything I expect I will put everything on eBay but I always try to hit the forums first for the guys looking for one part. If you need anything specific you can contact me at four 19 90eight 8692 texting preferred or here for a...
  2. Givi E217 Monolock Adapter for 650 Transalp

    I bought a new (to me) topbox and it came with a standard monolock plate. Apparently there is a specific plate for the Transalp 650 called E217, it also fits the Varadero. Is this correct? Did both bike use the same rack? Anyway, this specific plate is the one I already have but with some metal...
  3. Suggestions for RD03 Aftermarket Brake and Clutch Levers

    Africa Twin
    I'm looking at upgrading the levers on my RD03. Will aftermarket XR650 or other Honda model levers fit the RD03 or are they bike specific?
  4. FX650 / SLR650 centre stand question

    Dominator / FMX
    Lo ! I want to save some coin, and instead of acquiring specific FX650 centre stand for my needs I am considering buying FMX650 centre stand for 1/3 cheaper instead. Anyone having any experience or comment on this ?
  5. Buying advice 650 TA

    Hi all I am off the view a 55 plate 650 TA with 48000 miles on the clock, from the pics its looks tidy. This will be my 1st "big" bike after having a vespa for the past 2yrs, is there anything specific I should be checking / looking for. thanks in advance. Graeme
  6. Handlebars question

    Africa Twin
    My bars have been painted black, badly, I was wondering what aftermarket bars will fit in gold, any specific bend or rise I need? Anyone got any model no's?
  7. Car versus motorcycle oil

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all I have searched the forum but can't find an answer to my query. I have a '99 SLR650 which I intend to give regular oil changes, however motorcycle specific oil is much more expensive than car oil. I have always used car oil in my BMWs and British bikes but have read dire warnings of...
  8. 04 650 battery

    I've been promoting my Motobatt AGM battery part No MBTX9U its been brilliant no problems but last week it dropped dead just short of five years so i'me a bit disapointed am I expecting too much? So I'me considering going back to a ordinary lead acid type, can anyone recommend a specific...
  9. Xlr250 fuel tap help!!

    Heyy all I'm having difficulty finding a fuel tap for my bike not sure what it looks like as has been previously snapped off mine haha I know the hole is 18mm so would I be able to get a universal fuel tap or does is have to be specific? Thanks Sean
  10. Japanese import AT full power?

    Africa Twin
    Does anybody know if the Japanese import RD04 is a full power model or not? Certainly feels like it compared to my XLV750R. Any specific model changes to the rest of the world?
  11. lubrication oxidised electrical connectors

    Africa Twin
    Hi All. Just preparing bike for winter have some electric connection oxidized , want lubricate them but not sure what to use Any recommendations ? Sometimes I use vaseline on battery is there specific grease can be used like copper grease or vaseline be ok ? VAL Africa Twin , BMW R1100RT, 2...
  12. Trip to Salamina island

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This is a small trip to Salamina island and specific to Kanakia map:,23.5587567/37.9044044,23.4119433/@37.9912065,23.4899992,12z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m4!4m3!1m0!1m0!5i1
  13. Stainless fixings?

    Africa Twin
    Need loads of stainless fixings for an rd07 & fairing fixings. Is there anywhere that does a complete pack bike specific? Also fairing fixings, Honda only or does another company do copies? Next question is decals, Honda-Ebay or someone else??
  14. import duty/tax

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how much the goblins sting you on import tax. To be specific I want to import 400 squids of accessories from the US of A . Any ideas? Cheers Dan
  15. Wanted: Bagster/Baglux Tank Bag

    For Sale / Wanted
    In blue or black. No specific style as long as its in decent nick. Thanks.
  16. best place to buy new 600 TA CDi units???? (UK)

    i need to get one (or two) new CDi units for a transalp 600 i am in the uk i see you can get them on ebay can anyone recommend any specific sellers? or other places to get them? thanks
  17. Rugged Road crash bars

    Africa Twin
    Rugged Roads crash bars Hi, I just got my RR crash bars and attached them loosely. Is there any specific order in which to tighten the bolts and nuts? Thanks & cheers, Chris
  18. Wide foot pegs

    Anyone know if any modern bike wide pegs fit the xr250 or are they specific to the xrs ? Just thought it would be a cheaper way of getting wide pegs rather than buying the XR aftermarket ones from the USA.
  19. Talon Wheels

    Hi All Has anyone put a set of Talon wheels off another bike onto a Honda XR, if so which ones did you use, talking to Talon they say that their wheels are made for a specific bike and can't be swapped, but I have read about people doing it, not a problem making my own spacers etc, just...
  20. XR250r 4 Exhaust

    I have a Honda xr250r 4 2004. I'm after a FMF Powercore 4 slip-on exhaust or something similar for it. I can't find anything in the UK from searching online in the usual places (Ebay :rolleyes:). I assume that four stroke slip-on's aren't universal and that it would be made to fit a specific...