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  1. XR
    I'm trying to return my XR400 to standard specs. As it seems that many XR owners remove these items, I'm hoping that someone has a diffuser and snorkel for sale! If you do, please send me a message. Thanks.
  2. Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I have a question; I run the 17t front sprocket from JT on my RD04, however, JT does not make the rubberized version of the 17t sprocket (JTF314) which id like to have, they only make the bare 17t version. However - Rugged roads sells the 17t rubberized OEM honda sprocket...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm in the process of rebuilding both front and rear wheels on my 1998 RD08, problem is I've only got the 88-89 manual. According to this manual the front wheel offset is given as 22.25mm from the disk to the rim, this is probably ok for my '98 as nothing much changed from the RD02 model on...
  4. Transalp
    Hi all from across the pond, I'm the lucky owner of an 1989 TA 600. I'm getting ready to upgrade the front and rear end to RD04 specs. I'm looking for another rim I can a lace to my new hub while leaving the bike together. So is a 650 Dominator front rim the same as a TA? Thanks for the...
  5. Transalp
    Searching up TA700 specs,I can't find any reference to the actual ready-to-ride wet weight. Any number of sites quote dry weight as 214kg. So, if that's correct, it puts the fuelled weight somewhere north of 230kg. That seems helluva heavy to me. Can anyone shed any light?
  6. Transalp
    I'm trying to find a replacement set of steering head bearings for my 700 Transalp. Preferably looking to replace the stock bearings with roller bearings. Don't suppose anyone knows where I should be looking? I've had a go at googling it but I can't find the specs for the standard bearings to...
  7. Helmets
    I like wearing an open face helmet on my old Transalp. I have a couple of Davida jet helmets which I find very comfortable and quiet but I can't seem to find comfortable goggles to wear with a Davida. The problem is the brow of the helmet comes quite low down my forehead and pushes the gogles...
  8. Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, I was out on the Dommie today with my Keis heated kit on - waistcoat, inner gloves and boot insoles. Toasty, if a bit of a faff to get dressed in all the kit. I don't bother for a short trip but I was out for a good few hours today. I recall reading that the Dommie's charging system...
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi All, I have a Facet 40178 Fuel Pump that was never used for sale. I bought from the US and with postage + taxes it cost me €130, The Facet 40178 is a model that is closer to the Honda OEM pump in specs. It puts out 15 GPH and the Honda pump is 12GPH compared to the 40105 witch has 30 GPH...
  10. Tools
    Do you gentlemen have any use in your a garage for an air compressor...if so...what do you use it for and what specs/size compressor do you have Many thanks for your replies Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  11. XL
    Hello, im new to the forum and had a question about a bike i started rebuilding, the bike is a XL500 R Paris-dakar edition (1983 i think?) when i got the bike it was in regular condition, not running as some parts where missing, unluckily the carburetor is one of them. After checking around the...
  12. XR
    I have a 2004 xr250 l I think, some people have said its an MD30. its a jap import with elec start only, upside down forks and emission control crap on it. I have striped the engine to do the 279 big bore. then broke my shoulders in a bike accident so have been away from the rebuild for 3 months...
  13. Africa Twin
    The reason we all love the AT is because if the bike that it is and the experiences that the bike has given us, but every one wetting themselves over a bike that isn't an AT, that they have not seen, nor ridden and don't even know the specs of, but because Mr Honda has given it the same name...
  14. Africa Twin
    I wonder if anyone could measure, or already have the specs handy. What are the measurements for the 6 mounting bolts. The ones that are countersunk. I am asking as I am in Montreal, and my future RD07 is somewhere in France, and I'll be touring North Africa in 6 weeks ;-) Thanks in advance. Lee
  15. Africa Twin
    what brand oils are we all using in our @twins? reason i ask is that my "local" bike shop is a 110 mile round trip, i get my oils for my boats, quads etc from the local oil merchant who is an agent for Gulf. he got me some gulf powertrac 10w40 semi synth, it meets all the relevant specs etc but...
  16. Transalp
    Hi! What is the deal with the XL600VT 34CV version? It came in 1996 and only had 34HP. :( Can it be tuned to the original specs and in case how?
  17. XR
    Guys, I'm installing a new Falicon rod on my pig, and need some advice about the procedure. I live in Vietnam, and there are no fancy workshops around. There is a machine shop that does this for a living ... but they have probably never worked on this kind of crank, just diesel engines from...
  18. Africa Twin
    hi folks, iv looked up specs on front fork oil for my Africa twin 98, they say I need 5w or 10w oil and 648cc for each leg, is that the same as 648ml?? thanks to all the guys for your previous replies. don:profileleft:
  19. XR
    hi i recently bought honda xr 250v. its a road legal model with electric starter only. i tried to find a bit more info on this model but no success. has anyone got some info re specs, maybe service manual ect/ ive been trying to get carb rebuild kit as mine leaks> cant find any parts as my carb...
  20. XL Technical Specs
    Hello, as the given specs between the lmf and lmh show a huge power difference, does anyone know the differences in the engines? Either that or can you point me in the direction of where I can find the differences. Thank you
1-20 of 55 Results