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speed test

  1. Africa Twin
    My AT xrv650 1988 is riding merrily but i just met an AT 750 owner. Surprise! At 100k/hr (60mph) the 750 is revving at 5000, mine the 650 at 3500. The 650 sprockets are standard 16/49. Anybody who knows if this is ok?
  2. Chatter
    I have 6 Mb broadband speed when the laptop is wired to my router, when running wireless I DROP 4 Mb :(. When running a wireless speed test I am 0.5 M from the router :rolleyes:. Contacted the broadband provider and they said it was interference from something in my home or from outside...
  3. XR
    Sunday gone was the Annual Flora Road trial for cars bikes and anything elses that has a motor in it. The are was around Redruth, Truro, Mawnan Smith and Helston. Here a few photo's that the wife took of me. At the start leaving the Coppice inn, lanner The next few were taken at stage...
  4. Transalp
    Just had some new Anakee's fitted by my local Honda dealer (I'm in Belgium so not loads of tyre shops). Now call me all the names you want but they feel less confident than the outgoing Trailwings that had been on since new (3500 k'ms ago and worn out!). I now find that when running over...