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  1. Hi guys, what is sprockets tooths numbers on an FMX

    Dominator / FMX
    I bought a XR650R (thicker) 15T front sprocket, then I found out that on my FMX front sprocket is 14T. Which is original? 14T or 15T? BTW I found on the INTERNET that people are fitting XR650R front sprocket on XR650L to prevent it from cutting into sprocket splines. Please note that XR650L and...
  2. RD07 Won't Start!!! Argh!!

    Africa Twin
    Hello ladies and gents, So, right in to it. As the title states my 2000 RD07 J-spec if that matters won't start. Quick clarification, I've hunted through the forum and thought I was on the right track on the parts I changed out. Symptoms: Fired it up this morning warmed up and idled fine, rode...
  3. Help! RD07 dies on highway and bad idle when warm

    Africa Twin
    Dear all, Lately I have been experiencing some nasty issue with the RD07 AT (1995). This issue popped up when driving for 30 km’s at around 130 km/h. Suddenly, the bike started to loose power and couldn’t maintain that speed. I stopped and couldn’t start it again. After a while it ran again...
  4. Honda 2003 Varadero XL1000V 6 speed FI many extras SOLD

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD 2003 Honda XL1000V Varadero Fuel Injected 6 speed model with coupled brakes. SOLD
  5. Running Temperature

    Africa Twin
    I'd be interested to know what average running temperature you guys have. I went for a 150 mile ride yesterday and the temp reached 107. The road conditions were dry, 19C and an average speed 80-90, continuous for 2hrs or so. The temp gauge showed two marks below red so nowhere near boiling but...
  6. XL600LMF Newbie Advice

    Evening all. Im on the verge of buying an XL600LMF but have some questions I'd appreciate some views on; 1) The bike has a dicky tacho that seems to wonder all over the place. Looks like a sealed unit, so is there anybody that does repairs? 2) The engine doesnt idle well. I assume that its an...
  7. Honda CB750A Hondamatic-an adventure bike-perhaps

    Other Honda
    I have got the CB750A sorted and have done a few miles on it now the weather has improved. Its different, obviously with the 2 speed and torque converter transmission, most definitely not a racer, but they are used for drag racing in US slightly, VERY modified! Great for bumbling along the...
  8. CRF1000L Windscreens & turbulence. Scepticism, humility and possibly poor spelling.

    Africa Twin
    CRF1000L Windscreens & turbulence. Scepticism, humility and possibly poor spelling. I thought I'd briefly share my journey to achieving the holy grail of a wind and turbulance free ride. Relatively, of course. So, standard screen was, to be frank, rubbish for me. Wind right in the face...
  9. Touring Tips

    I’m a strong believer in less is more when it comes to touring speed, a rider can withstand more hours at 65mph for example than 75, especially if they stop every hour for 10 mins rest. I’m riding 250 miles on Friday but in no particular hurry, so thought it might be fun to try a programme of...
  10. who was asking about speed wobbles a while back?

    I remember a post recently about front end wobble on a TA....more specifically, I think it was on a 700, and various owners seemed to think it was almost inevitable... Anyway, in the interests of security I have two U Locks- one is a Kryptonite New York mini, which weights in at a shade over...
  11. Carburation Questions

    Dominator / FMX
    So, last time I had the carb apart I put in a 55 slow jet As it turns out or seems atm a 55 is a little too much. Seems to run ok but tickover still a bit erratic Anyway, see if you can answer this If I leave it ticking over and then switch off the fuel, it seems to smooth out and the tickover...
  12. 700 Rear Ssuspension

    Have a newly acquired 2008 700. Does anyone know the factory settings for damping and preload on a std shock? Its fine over big bumps (like speed humps) but a small, frequent sequence (like when the tarmac gets ripples in it - or rumble strips) feels like there's no suspension at all. I'm...
  13. indicator flashing speed

    Africa Twin
    Hi, my newly bought RD07a has aftermarket indicators on it and they flsh quickly like normal one would if a bulb was out. Is there some way I can get around this withutnhaving tomsource some originals?
  14. Translap "pops"

    Translap "pops" ( SOLVED !!!) Got 2 problems and here is the story ...English is not my native language so be nice to me .... Trasnsalp 650 in perfect condition 165.000 klm all service on time carburetors cleaned very very well 2000 klm ago by authorized service center . 1) At any...
  15. Did zvmx124 chain

    Africa Twin
    DID Chain - 525ZVMX124 Super-Street ZVM-X-Series Heavy Duty Black Hi haven't been on on here for a while ,but purchased one of the above to fit to my RD07A having snapped a JT chain last year which took out the water pump in its haste to exit the front sprocket ,I thought I would buy the best I...
  16. Rugged Road crash bars saved the day

    Africa Twin
    Just dropped my AT today at slow rolling speed and thanks to those Rugged Road crash bars any serious damage was prevented. But the right one took a substantial hit and it absorbed all the force which resulted in it being slightly bent inwards. Is it possible to bend it back? I will post some...
  17. Steering 'wobble'

    Hi all, me again. If I'm riding my other bike, Pan European St1100 I can take my hands off the handlebars at any speed and its as smooth as silk. On the XL650 there is a very obvious wobble at around 40mph. It's not there at all if I'm holding the bars even with one hand but take both ands off...
  18. What a difference an inch makes.

    I've had my 700 Alp for about 3 years now and have really grown to love it. One problem I've had though is that at high speed, 95 mph + the steering would get very light, especially whilst carrying camping equipment and a full top box. Whoever had the bike previously had dropped the forks about...
  19. Dominator cut out - revs drop out

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Not been around much lately, not had much to report or not been best placed to assist. Have been lurking in the background though. Tonight on the way home from work I had a nightmare. Bike started to cut out from the moment I set off, I initially thought the bike was cold. All the...
  20. 2006 fmx 650 surging / lunging

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello I'm new on here, I ride the fmx650 all year round all weather's to get to work and back anyway I have a problem, I obviously bought the bike second hand and it has remus system which was already on her, while I'm riding at around 30 or 60 or 70 with throttle stable it starts to surge bit...