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  1. Watch out, new stealth cameras on motorways !

    Has any account been published of the total spend, so far, of how much the installation of the nationwide coverage of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, and supporting hardware, has cost the taxpayers of the United Kingdom ? Has there been any published economic...
  2. So after riding bikes for 34 years and.....

    cars for nearly as long, I had my first speeding ticket. :D On my way home after just finishing my night shift. On the A13 opposite direction of the rush hour traffic. Nice clear double and tripple lanes. He pulled me over and the first thing he said" Why didnt you look into your mirror? "...
  3. DVLA - Licence renewed and motorcycle entitlement debacle from a different angle!

    I think we've all read before about the DVLA errors (read horrors) when renewing a licence and having it returned missing entitlements, sometimes HGV but mostly Category A motorcycle entitlements, in some cases resulting in having to take a test again as they wouldn't admit their mistake. Well...
  4. The spirit of the law

    Seems to me that any excuse to get around the "spirit of the law" is currently in vogue - Sign error on M42 motorway may mean speeding let-off. If the signs were clearly indicating the speed limit currently in force, what does it matter that the font used on the display was not strictly...
  5. Speed awareness courses

    Insurers have raised concerns about these and the police don't like it up 'em. The boys in blue make £35 per person per course for "admin" when they would get zero for issuing a speeding fine and endorsement, which is the same amount of work. Insurers raise police speed awareness course...
  6. Should speeding lead to second driving test?

    The government is consulting on having a second test that will involve double the practical element of the standard test for a whole range of driving ban offences - anything that results in a ban for more than 56 days. So riding at 100mph on a motorway, for example. You wouldn't necessarily...
  7. Bedding in new brakes!

    Africa Twin
    I have just had new brake pads fitted (Std Honda ones) and was wondering what the average bedding in time is? They really don't even slow the bike down at the moment so I will be going for a long ride around the Bristol area this weekend to get some miles on them. I can't really expect much...
  8. Only got himself to blame.....

    What would you expect if you filmed yourself riding like a pillock? Milton Keynes biker banned for 150 MPH speeding web film. There really are some desperately stupid people out there. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  9. Speeding Summons

    Hi I have just received a Summons to attend Wimbledon Magistrates Court. Mr Policeman's radar gun said my Transalp was doing 77mph in a 50 limit although didnt stop and tell me at the time. It was where the M3 ends and the A316 (also 3 lanes) starts. I reckon he was stood 25 seconds into the...
  10. Speeding blinker and a lazy gas ...

    Africa Twin
    Ok, that was a cryptic title, due to bad english translation :-) I have 2 odd things going on my rd07. My right blinker sometime blink twice as fast as normal. Sometimes the bulb doesn't even come one. The left one is always ok ... Is this due to a nearly dead bulb, or could it be the wiring...
  11. Points mean prizes (speeding tickets) anyone

    The Longest Day
    come on any one, been dun by the filth yet(sorry james)
  12. Speeding ticket evasion

    :(:( I got a suprise souviner from wales last weekend on the way home from the touratec event. An intention of prosicution letter due the safety (bull****e)camera on the A470 (fantstic road by the way) 70mph on a 60 zone (so it could have been a LOT worse! any suggstions for a get out clause...
  13. GPS unit overturns speeding ticket

    In America - but good news none the less :D Here
  14. adult anti speeding film

    Chatter this wuld slow the traffic down cheers darren
  15. speeding ? ....... check this out

    Due to the latest Freedom of Information Act the general public now has access to speed camera offences registered in the last twelve months. Did you know that every time your car goes even 3 miles per hour over the speed limit it is registered and placed on a database? They only send you a...