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  1. Africa Twin
    Any opinions on the speedometer overlays I have seen? I’m back in states with rd07a and would like to change speedo over to mph now from kph . This is a lot cheaper option versus full speedo replace. How hard if someone has done
  2. Africa Twin
    The digital trip on my 2003 07A has started to play games. The Clock works ok and the speedometer is fine. The digital trips work ok upto about 35 mph, then stops recording. When the speed drops it starts working again. I have checked all the plugs and sockets and opened up the trip meter and...
  3. Africa Twin
    So I picked up my new to me RD07 a week ago in Ireland. I'm in Italy now, after about 1,000 miles, and the speedometer has stopped working. It was a bit "bouncy" before, but then about 1 hour after I spray washed the bike, the speedo stopped all together. I checked the cable on both ends and it...
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    collecting used/not working bike parts to create a birthday present for my bike-mad boyfriend. He used to own a honda varadero, so preferably a speedo/the dash from that would be perfect, but from any other bike will do! Thanks
  5. Africa Twin
    Bought a rallymodded rd07 and i would really like to fix her up enought that someone could be fooled that she was a stock bike albeit a monster. So first on the priolist she needs odometer, analog speedometer and proper indicationlights. All this is removed so i guess im wondering where are the...
  6. Transalp
    Hi, First post on this forum. does anyone know where to find an aftermarket "Mini speedo" which fits the direct on the speedo drive wire? My bike is a Transalp (XL600V) 1987, I am looking for an analog meter with speedometer, high beam indicator, oil indicator, neutral indicator and turn...
  7. Africa Twin
    Has anyone ever tried to fit a digital speedo with a magnetic pickup inside the stock speedo housing? This could be a solution for keeping a stock look, but not dealing with that nylon gear packing up all the time. Also, it would allow for easily switching between MPH and KPH. Talk me out...
  8. Dominator / FMX
    Can anyone help, I trying to source a MPH cluster preferably used. Where is a good place to look. I have tried eBay..
  9. Transalp
    Tried a speedometer app on my phone, don't know know accurate it is, so tried it in the car. My VW Golf, driven at 70mph displays 67mph on the app. My Transalp 700 at 70mph displays 63mph on the app !!!!, at 80mph it displays 72 !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Africa Twin
    As part of a rebuild I have invested in digital instruments, the one difficulty I am looking for a solution for is how to blank off the hub end of the speedo cable once I have removed it. Don't want to just leave it open to the elements.
  11. Dominator / FMX
    My Dominator is an Italian import RD08, obviously the speedometer is in Kmh , what i would like to ask can i do a strait swap with a MPH speedo .
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi The speedometer needle on my RD07A starts flickering from around 40mph ( quite smooth up to then ) and is most pronounced at just beyond 60 mph (nothing excessive but noticeable). I was wondering is this normal or is there something causing it ? Thanks for any advice :thumbright:
  13. Varadero
    Hi everyone, just sold my lovely old dominator and bought a year 2000 varadero, I washed it yesterday and found the speedo not working when I took it out today, maybe just coincidence but I see no speedo cable and suspect i have got water in the electrics somewhere as the trip isn't changing...
  14. Varadero
    Hi all. I am the proud owner of a 99 xl1000v with 39k on her, and whilst out riding it last sunday the speedo gave up the ghost. It was working 100% and just died. I was riding in heavy rain at the time so thought it may have just been water that got into a connector but after a thorough drying...
  15. Dominator / FMX
    Hi since i had so much help with my rear spring question i thought i'd see if your as stuck with this question as that one Just ordered a mini speedo for my 96 domi and failed to notice there are different ratio's for them. The one i ordered is 2:1 i think that refers to 1600 revs per mile...
  16. Africa Twin
    I'm getting fed up spending £20 on these pathetic plastic drive gears that wear out if everything isnt 100% clean, greased, straight, etc etc etc !! My speedo stopped working a few days ago and on inspection the drive gear was worn down and a bit chewed up. £25 and 3 days later and the new...
  17. Dominator / FMX
    Hi) I'm looking for a FMX Speedometer cluster so I can update my XR650L. Anyone have a spare? or know a good breaker? Links to your best yards appreciated. Tks Paul B:thumb:
  18. XR
    hi all, would anyone have the gumpf that is required in an xr600 front wheel that the speedo cable plugs into, ie the gearing inside of the wheel that drives the speedo cable. i looked inside mine to try to fix the speedo and all the guts are missing. item 16 and 8 8 and 8 to the left hand side...
  19. CRF - New Forum!
    Hello all of you out there. I'm a new boy on the block and found this forum by accident. I'm pretty well through a project with the CRF230. I've scrapped the "lighting kit" that came with the bike and replaced it with xr400 headlight, shroud and speedometer. Speedo cable from xr200 fits a...
  20. Africa Twin
    Cheers all. Anyone here who's opened up a spedometer? Mine isn't working and the gear in the wheel seems fine. Any ideas??
1-20 of 24 Results