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  1. Crazy question about speedometers

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone ever tried to fit a digital speedo with a magnetic pickup inside the stock speedo housing? This could be a solution for keeping a stock look, but not dealing with that nylon gear packing up all the time. Also, it would allow for easily switching between MPH and KPH. Talk me out...
  2. High beam issues / shortens out on 1979 XR500

    I have a 1979 Honda XR500 which has two electrical issues! The first problem is that the high-beam wire on my front lightbulb burns out as soon as I flip the switch from low to high beam. The low beam light is working fine. The rear standard, and brake light work also fine. I did have to change...
  3. Trail Tech Endurance II - recall notice on early models. Revised model now available

    Product Reviews
    A software bug has been found in the first release of the new Endurance II speedometers. The affected units were produced prior to 10/2/12. The production date is indicated on the back of the Endurance II unit. Symptoms of Software Bug: Speed, Distance, Time, ART may be reset or...
  4. Trail Tech, Koso or Acewell Cluster Replacement

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, What are your thoughts on these speedo replacements. my options are one of the following 1. Trail Tech Not sure which model would work best on the twin. Looks to be the best priced option. 2. Koso RX2N The one from rugged roads looks good, but it is pricy, you have to buy...
  5. Rugged Roads - New Product Lines

    Discounts / Deals
    We have recently added to our product range and are now authorised distributors for: Odyssey Batteries Ohlins Shock Absorbers KOSO Speedometers and Gauges GPR Exhausts - these are still being uploaded so if you want any information, please contact me CTEK Battery Chargers And don't forget out...
  6. AT Speedo Accuracy

    Africa Twin
    I was experimenting with speed v economy on my 01 AT yesterday and remembered much talk of not being able to rely on the accuracy of our speedometers, with the expectation that they might have an under-read built in so that they under rather than over estimate speed. I have the standard RD07a...