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    Just gauging interest in my 1998 XR 250R which has developed a gearbox or clutch problem. Have no facilities or ability to start stripping it down. Bike has not done many miles and with the exception of the gearbox is in good order and has an MOT. Good points are:- All plastics in good order...
  2. XR
    Hi My XR appears to have a serous engine problem. On my last trail ride the engine started to make noises with the clutch arm twitching. After trailering home I drained the oil to find bits of metal in it. I don't have the space or ability for a rebuild so have the following questions:- 1)...
  3. XR
    Hi guys. Can someone tell me if this is kinda normal for a 1999 XR250. I have replace the top and bottom spherical bearings, collars and seals, that fit into the rear shock, also regreased all the other bearings. When i got it back together and have the bike on the side stand, and lift it up and...
1-3 of 9 Results